October 1, 2022

DeSantis: Medical Elites ‘Were Wrong About Efficacy of mRNA Vaccines’

Florida governor takes guide in exposing the dangerous experimental COVID injections while former President Trump proceeds touting unsafe shots.

Florida Chief excutive Ron DeSantis (R) put the medical establishment on notice Sunday during a conference within Miami, arguing that they were “ wrong” about the “ efficacy” of mRNA technologies used in the COVID vaccines.

Throughout his keynote address in the Miami National Conservatism Meeting, DeSantis blasted the health bureaucrats for imposing damaging COVID mitigation strategies like lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

“ We turned down the elites, and we were right. They’re now endeavoring to rewrite history acting like they wanted kids in school all along, ” DeSantis told the audience.

“ Not only were they wrong about institutions, the elites were wrong about lockdowns, they were wrong about epidemiological models and the hospitalization models. ”

“ They were wrong about forced masking, ” he continued. “ They were wrong when they rejected the existence of natural immunity. They were incorrect about the efficacy of the mRNA vaccines, and they were wrong when I said COVID has been seasonal — now they will admit it — but they didn’t when it was apparent that that was the case. ”

“ Just because the media and the elites are saying to do something, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do, ” DeSantis said. “ We are not afraid to buck the discredited ruling class and elites in this particular country. We did it throughout COVID, but we’ve accomplished it time and time again across the plank. ”

The particular Florida governor pointed out that instead of simply rejecting government shot mandates, he also stopped businesses from carrying them out.

DeSantis also warned participants that the left is “ playing for keeps, ” so strong leadership is essential to fight the headwinds of the mainstream media, Large Tech, and Washington business.

“ This is not an easy fight because they have so much support across the powerful heights of society. It requires that, yes, we make use of common sense and yes, we all understand the issues and (are) correct on those, ” he said.

“ But more and more, it needs that you do so by demonstrating courage under fire if you stand up for exactly what is right, you are going to get attacked by corporate press. You may get censored by Big Tech. You will get smeared by the resistance, (but) if you’re not willing to take the arrows, you’re not going to get anything done. You’ve got to be willing to stand, plus you’ve got to be willing to combat, ” he concluded.

Former President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has bending down in favor of the fresh shots despite compelling evidence suggesting otherwise.

In fact , a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that not only is the COVID mRNA vaccine ineffective, it also destroys natural immunity.

Another recent 50-page study conducted by Harvard and Johns Hopkins researchers concluded that  COVID booster mandates imposed for young people could cause 18 to 98 real serious adverse events for each COVID-19 infection-related hospitalization in theory prevented.

In other words, the mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 are essentially worthless.

Whether Trump comes around to the facts is unclear, but Gov. DeSantis offers stepped in to take a leadership role in exposing the harmful COVID injections.

Watch DeSantis’ full remarks:

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