October 3, 2022

European countries Commits Suicide-by-Sanctions: Ron Paul

While long promoted – often by those opposed to war – as a less destructive alternative to war, sanctions are in truth acts of war.

A Swiss billboard is making the models on social media depicting a young woman on the telephone. The particular caption reads, “ Really does the neighbor heat the particular apartment to over 19 levels (66F)? Please inform us. ” While the Swiss federal government has dismissed the poster as a fake, the penalties Swiss citizens face with regard to daring to warm their houses are very real. According to the Swiss newspaper Blick, those who violate the 66 degree heating limit could face as many as three years in prison!

Prison time for heating your home? In the “ free” world? How is it possible in 2022, when Switzerland and the remaining political west have achieved the greatest economic success of all time, that the European continent faces a winter like some thing out of the dark ages?


While long promoted – often by those in opposition to war – as a less destructive alternative to war, sanctions are in reality acts of war. And as we know with interventionism and war, the result is often unintended consequences and also blowback.

Western european sanctions against Russia more than its invasion of Ukraine earlier this year will likely go down of all time as a prime example of how sanctions can result in unintended effects. While seeking to punish Russia by cutting off fuel and oil imports, Eu politicians forgot that Europe is completely dependent on Russian power supplies and that the only individuals to suffer if those imports are shut down are the Europeans themselves.

The Russians simply pivoted towards the south and east and discovered plenty of new buyers in China, India, and somewhere else. In fact , Russia’s state-run Gazprom energy company has documented that its profits have got increased by 100 percent in the first half of this year.

Russia is getting rich while Europeans are dealing with a freezing winter plus economic collapse. All due to the false belief that sanctions are a cost-free way to power other countries to do what you need them to do.

What happens when the people observe dumb government policies making energy bills skyrocket as the economy grounds to a halt? They become desperate and decide to use the streets in demonstration.

This weekend break thousands of Austrians took to the streets in a “ Independence Rally” to demand a finish to sanctions and the opening of Nord Stream II, the gas pipeline around the verge of opening earlier this year. Last week an estimated 100, 1000 Czechs took to the roads of Prague to protest NATO and EU plan. In France, the “ Yellow Vests” are back in the streets protesting the damage of their economy in the name of “ defeating” Russia in Ukraine. In Germany, Serbia, and elsewhere, protests are gearing up.

However, Washington Post was forced to admit that sanctions on Russia are not having the designed effect. In an article yesterday, the paper worries that sanctions are inflicting “ collateral damage in Russia and beyond, potentially also hurting the very countries that will impose them. Some even worried that the sanctions intended to prevent and weaken Putin could end up emboldening and strengthening him. ”

This is all predictable. Sanctions kill. Sometimes they eliminate innocents in the country targeted for destruction and sometimes they will kill innocents in the country imposing them. The solution, as always, will be non-intervention. No sanctions, no “ color revolutions, ” no meddling. It’s really that simple.

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