September 28, 2022

The Story of Jared Kushner and His Ventilators

For vast numbers of people, getting intubated was obviously a death sentence

Do you know the phrase self-aware? It does not apply to Jared Kushner, the former president’s son-in-law.

He somehow weaseled his way into the center of Covid planning in the Whitened House. He dragged together two college buds, Nat Turner and Adam Boehler, two mega-rich kids without a lick of experience in pandemics or public health.  

Together with totem Mike Pence, two-lifetime medical bureaucrats Fauci and Birx, plus Pfizer panel member Scott Gottlieb, they all came to have huge influence over the lives, liberty, and property of every American.  

And they cherished every minute, as Kushner’s own  book   reveals. There are so many things in this book to recount, it’s impossible to discuss the whole thing. I’ve taken on the early lockdown days  already .  

Right here let us discuss the difficult topic of ventilators, which were a huge rage early on until it had been most of the patients intubated passed away. Over time, hospitals stopped using them. Now you can  tug at   one upon eBay for a few hundred dollars.  

What does Kushner know about curing individuals of Covid? Nothing. Yet he damn sure assumed that he did. His initial comment on ventilators occurs within Chapter, 45 in which he or she recounts his heroics within getting as many as possible delivered and even produced. It evidently never occurred to your pet to ring up a physician on the front lines to discover if the tool was suitable for the job.  

Here is his first point out:

“ I knew the federal government kept a strategic stockpile of simple medical supplies. It had not occurred to me that 100 % cotton swabs were among them, but of course they were— and each COVID test required at least one cotton swab. We were short on lots of other supplies as well, from gloves and gowns to masks and ventilators. ”

In those days, the White House suddenly became consumed along with ventilator mania.  

The worst-case scenarios flashed through my mind: nurses and physicians without protective equipment, overflowing hospitals with no beds intended for patients,   ventilator shortages forcing doctors to choose who would live and who would die , limited ability to detect new outbreaks because of the testing supply shortage, plus tens of millions of Americans trapped in their homes,

So for reasons unknown, ventilator frenzy swept the White House each governor’s office, starting of course in New York. They all quickly came to believe that intubation was the key to curing everyone –   and without the slightest evidence. Just get individuals tubes down throats and everything is well.  

At that time, the medical experts still believed that ventilators were the most crucial medical device available for conserving lives. Doctors used them on patients whose virus-ravaged lungs could not supply their health with enough oxygen. Because cases of COVID-19 increased, every governor in America demanded the largest possible share of the federal stockpile’s diminishing supply. They didn’t know how several they would need, but they terrifying that the stockpile would run out, so they requested as many as these people thought they could get from us.

Who these “ healthcare experts” were he does not say. But regardless, these people went bonkers on looking to get them.  

Amid the ton of competing requests, we needed to create a process in order to allocate this scarce source. Nat Turner recruited Blythe Adamson from Turner’s former company, Flatiron Health, to help our team estimate how many ventilators, ICU beds, and other critical medical supplies America would require.

Outstanding! Now we have the modelers included!  

Based on the current trajectory, the girl numbers also showed that we would need 130, 000 ventilators in two weeks. I shuddered at the possibility. Until that will moment, I thought the worst of the supply crisis had been behind us. All the PPE in the world wouldn’t matter a lot if we ran out of ventilators for critically ill patients…. There was no chance we’re able to procure or manufacture anywhere close to 130, 000 ventilators in two weeks. We were looking at the possibility of two football stadiums full of preventable deaths.

All of this was sheer fantasy. And extremely dangerous too. The estimations of the percentage of people who have died from ventilation variety from  30% to 80% . For huge numbers of people, getting intubated was a death sentence.  

What’s more, individuals on the ground have reported how the only reason for the venting craze was the fear that other methods of getting people oxygen would spread Covid. So it all comes back to the disease panic that went the intubation craze to start with.  

But the team managing this acquired no clue. Someone whispered “ ventilators” and there is no turning back.  

FEMA was receiving increasingly panicked calls from governors asking for ventilators. In addition to Cuomo’s need, John Bel Edwards of Louisiana sought 5, 1000, Phil Murphy from Nj asked for 2, 300, plus Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Ned Lamont associated with Connecticut wanted thousands as well. Put together, these requests far exceeded the number still in the national stockpile. Everyone was terrified. White House chief associated with staff Mark Meadows got a call from a hospital CEO in his former congressional district who requested 150 ventilators. At that time, there were no reported COVID-19 cases within a thirteen-county radius of the hospital. Meadows asked why the ventilators were needed. “ We’re just scared, ” the CEO admitted. It was one of many examples of panic-induced hoarding, which exacerbated the provide shortages.

But of course there were simply no shortages; only models expected shortages based on very harmful medical presumptions. Kushner certainly not considered this possibility. Maybe the whole trajectory was bonkers to begin with? There was no one in the White House who was in a position to say: “ Hey, hang on here, do we even know what the best therapies could be? Is there someone we can contact? ”

No, they just barrelled from insane mania to another, as though being in charge is in some way better than being right.  

Kushner lastly ended up rationing the number of ventilators he would approve to go to different states, and pointed out to the press that he could certainly not achieve the goal of satisfying everyone. After that, he was killed by the press for not magically producing million ventilators that would have been necessary, even though these machines were killing people left and right.  

What’s the lesson here that Kushner takes away? He concludes that:

The intensity and volume of the media’s vitriolic outrage caught me away from guard. But I didn’t have time to dwell on not the crisis at hand. Demands continued to pour within. At our lowest stage, we had just twelve hundred ventilators in the stockpile.   The only good news was that our “ 15 Times to Slow the Spread” guidelines were making a difference.   The growth in hospital usage prices was slowing, and the efforts to purchase every obtainable ventilator we could find were beginning to pay off.

There you have this: he pats himself at the back that his selected method of lockdowns was for some reason realizing the goal. Talk about confirmation bias. There is no evidence that one word of the above was true. Lockdowns achieved nothing but destruction.   In the event that he is sincere, he remains blissfully unaware.

Nowhere in this terrifying section does he happen to mention that intubating patients had not been working and that they were killing people who otherwise would have resided. It’s not even clear that even today he knows this. Probably he has never researched the subject.  

He also fails to mention that Donald Trump themself, probably under his influence,   invoked   the Defense Production Act to force a series of companies to make more ventilators: General Electric Co., Hill-Rom Holdings Inc., Medtronic Community Limited Co., ResMed Incorporation., Royal Philips N. V. and Vyaire Medical Inc. He did the same with 3M with masks: make them or face the state!  

This is not free enterprise. This amounts to nationalizing companies by presidential edicts. All for more killer ventilators and masks that have proven nowhere effective. The particular demand became so high that by April, worldwide news was reporting on  fake ventilators   being shipped worldwide, from China. They failed to work. They killed people even more than those that worked well.  

Absolutely how insane things grew to become, in part fueled by the selfishness of Kushner – that recently  told   an interviewer which he believes he will live permanently on this earth –   and his inexperienced know-it-all group of college buddies. Lives had been on the line. This is who was in charge. To this day, they write textbooks on their own heroics. And get royalties on purchases.  

What to do with this kind of person? It seems obvious. By no means let a person like this obtain anywhere close to power again. Ever.  

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