October 6, 2022

Tx Border Town Asks for Fridges to Store Bodies associated with Drowned Migrants as Morgues Overwhelmed

“We do a body recovery daily. It’s very traumatic for my personnel. “

Authorities in Eagle Pass, a small city in Texas on the edge with Mexico, have asked for refrigerators to store the body of drowned migrants because local morgues are already overloaded, Fox News reported upon Monday, citing firefighters.

“ There are so many bodies being recovered the morticians are asking for help.   I had never noticed so many drownings like jooxie is seeing right now, ”   Eagle Pass Fire Department Chief Manuel Mello III, told the broadcaster.   “ We do a body recovery daily. It’s very distressing for my personnel. ”

With the rise in the number of illegal migrants who drowned while aiming to cross the Rio Bom River at the border with Mexico, the morgues plus funeral homes in Skull cap Pass have become overwhelmed, according to Mello.

You will find only four ambulances and two reserve trucks in the small town, he mentioned. ” But those four trucks, they get confused every single day, ” Mello additional.

The agency’s chief noted that his department typically receives 7, 000 emergency calls per year, but the service received 6, 500 calls in 2021 and is expected to reach the same figure this year.

“ I would like to see the government jump in and help out in whatever way they can, ” Mello told Fox News. “ If they could at least prevent this migration, that would be amazing. ”

The Rio Grande starts in the US state of Colorado, runs south through New Mexico and goes into the Gulf of Mexico, forming a natural boundary between US state of Texas and Mexico.

Well over 2 million migrant workers have entered the United States unlawfully via  the US southern border   considering that October, breaking last year’s record set under the Biden administration’s watch. The influx has severely strained nearby, state and federal resources trying to deal with the situation.

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