October 3, 2022

Armenia Requests Russian Military Support As Fighting Breaks Out there With Azerbaijan

Update (2305ET):   The overnight episode of fighting in many spots along the Armenian-Azerbaijan perimeter is serious enough needed for Yerevan to have  called for its powerful ally Russia’ s help. This has been reviewed hours after Armenian Perfect Minister Nikol Pashinyan apprehended a late night telephone talk with President Vladimir Putin. The Armenian government has got since confirmed it has […]#@@#@!!

Update (2305ET) :   The overnight outbreak associated with fighting in multiple areas along the Armenian-Azerbaijan border can be serious enough for Yerevan to have  asked for its powerful ally Russia’s assist.

This has been revealed hrs after Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a late night telephone conversation along with President Vladimir Putin. The Armenian government has since confirmed it has requested Ruskies military assistance to repel Azerbaijan aggression and shelling, according to  a statement   (machine translation):

“ During the meeting, further actions were discussed to table the aggressive actions of Azerbaijan against the sovereign place of Armenia that started at midnight. In connection with the aggression against the sovereign territory from the Republic of Armenia, it was decided to  formally appeal to the Russian Federation in order to implement the provisions of the Treaty of Companionship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, as well as to the Collective Protection Treaty Organization  and the UN Security Council.  

Armenia is basing the ask for on the Collective Security Treaty Organization pact it has with Russia, and under which usually Russia previously sent peacekeeping forces to  Nagorno-Karabakh after the Fall 2020 conflict.  

Independent geopolitical analyst and Russia watcher  Clint Ehrlich  proves   of the greatly significant request at a time the Ukraine war is flaming:   “ In the event that Russia accepts, we could get a second NATO-Russia proxy battle explode. ”

Of the earlier in the night time Putin phone call, the Kremlin said via  TASS :  

“ The Prime Minister gave details about the attention grabbing, aggressive actions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the direction of the sovereign territory of Armenia, which in turn began at midnight and were definitely accompanied by shelling from cannon and large-caliber firearms. The best Minister considered the actions of this Azerbaijani side unacceptable and stressed the importance of an adequate response from the international community. ”

Yet , it should be noted that during the last significant flare-up in fighting involving the two longtime rival states which share a restive border, Moscow was mindful to not get too severely drawn in – only uniting to help broker a ceasefire and send several hundred Euro peacekeeping forces to supervise the terms of the agreement.

If Moscow truly does get pulled in, it might be seen in the West as  an opportunity to  “ weaken”   Russian language forces on a separate the .

A number US Congressional leaders include meanwhile spoken out as well as stood firmly on the side from Armenia, citing unprovoked Azerbaijan aggression.

* 3. *

Significant fighting has broken outside between Armenia and Azerbaijan along the border shortly after midnight local time, with the ministry of defenses for each countries citing clashes by several locations.   Armenia is saying its terrain is coming under attack , and that intensive shelling is currently targeting Goris, Sotk in addition to Jermuk in the east.

Crucially there are reports of exchanges of fire outside of far beyond the competitive Nagorno-Karabakh region, but  shelling on Armenia ideal . “ Azerbaijani Military have launched military bad against Armenian positions for Armenia proper, ”   writes   one regional correspondent.

It appears the fighting was already sustained for two hours, recommending this could be the beginning of a larger full-scale war as stress have simmered going back on the last war for  Nagorno-Karabakh in September through The fall of 2020.

Arman Torosyan, spokesman for Armenia’s Defense Ministry has accredited that  “ intense skirmishes are continuing following Azerbaijan’s  large-scale provocation down the Armenia-Azerbaijan border . ” Both sides are now charging other with aggression and provocations.  

The Jerusalem Post   is additionally  reporting that   “ large clashes short of money out between Armenia and additionally Azerbaijan forces along the border between the two countries relating to Monday night, according to Azerbaijani and Armenian Defense Ministries. ”

“ Azerbaijani artillery and UAVs reportedly targeted sites within Vardenis, Goris, Sotk in addition to Jermuk in eastern Armenia. ”

Below is the full Azerbaijan defense ministry statement:

Contesting these Azerbaijan accusations of a “ sabotage” operation which were alleged to have kicked off the newfound hostilities, Armenia’s military countered with the following official record:

On September 13, around 00: 05, units for this Azerbaijani Armed Forces began to fire intensively at the Armenian status from artillery and large-caliber firearms in the direction of Goris, Sotk and Jermuk. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces also use UAVs.

Further complicating matters, there are still several hundred Euro peacekeeping troops in the restive  Nagorno-Karabakh border region, as part of the settlement from the last circular of fighting centered at this time there.

This peacekeeping quest is now in doubt, and Russia’s major base in Armenia territory is said to be on “ high alert”.  

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