October 3, 2022

Ca University Offering Grant to Fund Pro-Abortion Films

University of Southern California is now offering at least four rising senior citizens with a $25, 000 give to produce pro-abortion short films.

The University of Southern California (USC), Annenberg recently released a  grant plan   that will fund film projects geared towards spreading pro-abortion stories.

The initiative will be being  referred   to as the “ reproductive rights Accelerator program” and will provide at least four rising seniors with a $25, 000 grant to make pro-abortion short films, according to an Aug. 17  tweet .

This program is part of the university’s  Annenberg Inclusion Initiative   (AII), which is a section of the School for Communication plus Journalism.

AII prides itself on getting “ the leading think container in the world studying diversity and inclusion in entertainment through original research and sponsored projects, ” the website states.

USC pupil Morgan Farrier spoke with  Campus Reform   about her ideas on the program.

“ I would hope that if this particular grant funds a story regarding somebody who’s life was made easier because of her abortion, they would also fund tales about the women who feel dissapointed their abortions, the women that chose life and had been happy with their decision, tales of abortion survivors, and other individuals that don’t fit the pro-choice narrative, ” Farrier said.

In order to Farrier, the issue with the funding initiative is that it only promotes one side of the abortion argument.

“ If they fund a political narrative for reproductive rights, I hope they would also fund a political narrative for unborn rights, ” she expressed to  Campus Reform .

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