September 29, 2022

Male Details Near-Death Experience After Succumbing to Moderna Covid Booster Jab

‘I perished and saw the future time, ‘ man told mama after being resuscitated.

Men described the harrowing proper story of his near-death experience after suffering a heart attack shortly following a Moderna booster jab.

In a lengthy Twits thread complete with photos showing off his horrific ordeal a while back, Canadian user “ Michal” (AKA @vaxxmyocarditis) explained just how he suffered a life-changing experience after voluntarily getting a third jab in anticipation of an important government mandate.

Michal encountered a heart attack shortly after the middle dose, and didn’t think that he was in any real grave danger — that is until they realized he was being summoned by otherworldly beings impressive him to come toward the light.

Read the storyline of Michal’s journey for the nether realm and once more after suffering a near-fatal severe adverse reaction, since told by him. The transcript of his twitter posts is provided below.

This is my fiancé and I were designed to get married in July 2022. Given the first 2 shot mandates, we figured that we had no choice but to keep upon taking the boosters in order to be allowed to travel for our honeymoon and have liberties to go to shops etc .

We decided to do the 3rd @moderna_tx booster expecting that perhaps it would become mandated by the #Canadian #government.

For Feb 18, 2022 ~10am we got the 3rd @moderna_tx enhancer (all prior were also #moderna). The next morning, my fiancé began to have palpitations, box pains and shortness of breath, so that i brought her to unexpected emergency. Due to #COVID rules My partner and i couldn’t stay at the the hospital so I went home.

Whilst she was getting inspected, I laid for most during in bed, was feeling just a little off but shook the idea off, thinking maybe I didn’t sleep well the night before.

They did an #ECG on her and saw that she had #tachycardia, so they really gave her some products.

They then performed an uasound, and told her they’d offer her pills for moderate #heartinflamation. She was released with the hospital in the afternoon, When i picked her up.

Towards around 7pm we began to cook dinner, and I started feeling pretty severe #chestpain. We took my blood pressure observe and got a reading with 156/95 (it went perhaps even higher after). It was better than normal. At that moment features began to get dizzy.

My spouse and i laid on the couch as well as told my fiancé in order to call an ambulance. Even though they were on their way, I was able to get up, clear out several space in the hallway with the stretcher and put the dogs away.

The paramedics originated downstairs (we live in an apartment downtown #Montreal), my fiancé told the paramedics “ We took the @moderna_tx booster yesterday”.

The paramedics showed up upstairs, did an #ECG on me, and quickly said to me “ Sir don’t panic, you just a new mild #heartattack”. They gave me some pills and lifted me onto the traction. I think the ride to the hospital was no longer when compared with 3 minutes.

Things started to pick up blurry from that moment for. The doors opened and there is a team of a dozens of medical staff waiting for us. They rushed me into the #emergency. After that I thought 2 things: seeing my fiancé come by to see me, then being in a different room along with IV’s.

I don’t recall them changing my garmets. They isolated me since they waited for the #COVID analyze results to come out. During that time period I was apparently texting and additionally sending selfies to my loved ones. I don’t recall executing any of that. Though health reports say that I was mindful.

I will be contacting the exact archives departments to highlight most of these false reports to call for modifications. I wasn’t sensitive and aware of the things I was saying. A lot reported appeared to be nonsense. The next thing I remember was obviously a series of dreams (mixed in what I believe was heaven).

Also i recall opening my eyes and even feeling half my skin begin to slowly droop (temporary paralysis). Doctors were yelling at me “ Friend can you feel your wrist? ” etc . I thought it had been a dream, but weeks future when I woke up, neurologists laughed and said that it really happened.

In the morning my condition began to damage. I was in a coma and my heart EF decreased to 45%, then in order to 25% and it kept shedding down to 10-15%, they had no other choice than to place me on an #ECMO.

It truly basically a machine which circulates blood around my figure, oxygenates it and breathes for me. It’s the most aggro form of #lifesupport. The machine saved me alive, though it’s not possible designed as a permanent daily life support.

The hospital decided to switch me to a bigger medical nearby as they had a additional powerful cardiac team. Doctors thought I may need a #hearttransplant. Tasks were looking bad. These people installed an #impella inside my heart.

At some point the ECMO had a malfunction and I began to bleed from one of the positions (they cut open your pelvis on both sides and attach thick tubes to some arterial blood vessels to divert blood flow in and out of the body to the ECMO machine to oxygenate this (zoom on the picture).

I began to lose body pretty quickly, I believe 2 units of blood is lost, and the medical power team I quote from a health professional was “ running around just like chickens without heads” presenting me #transfusions as my best blood pressure dropped drastically.

Sad to say at that moment my mother was there and she witnessed bathroom towels of blood around everybody, while the staff waited to obtain transport to come get my family to bring me for surgical treatment to repair the installation. The mother wanted to leave and a nurse held her back and said “ no anyone stay”.

We believe the health care professional was pretty sure I was going to die at that moment and planned my mother to be there. Travel was taking too long to arrive, so the doctors and nurse practitioners decided to push me straight into surgery themselves, there has not been any more time left to wait.

During that surgery I forfeited more units of blood vessels, and that’s when I believe We died. I had purchased my medical archives months later on, just to find out whether We had a clinical death reported anywhere. And in fact, afterwards surgery I was being resuscitated.

Here’s the proof using the:

Just for your record, I wasn’t an incredibly religious person (more spiritual if anything), I not imagined what the afterlife might be and most importantly: when I had been rushed to the hospital I used to be starting to be out of it, I had nil clue that I’d kick the bucket at some point.

You’d never believe these were potentially your final conscious minutes on earth.

Your first move that I saw was a gap dark space with a notice in-front of me, written by me. I couldn’t study what it said, so it is narrated to me by my personal voice.

It started with “ Dear friends and family, in these days I have passed away… ”. That’s when I acknowledged that I was dead. It had not been scary nor sad, only a bit of surprising. My conscious was excited to see what was next.

The letter faded at a distance and the next moment I got in this dark void room. Something scratched my limb to get my attention. We looked to my right together with there was this little one half human creature. It decided not to speak, it just pointed up to and including direction to tell me where to go.

I looked up and there were these shadows within lgts looking at me. I had to select a few I trusted in an effort to pass to the #afterlife. Once I picked them, I just began to move towards the lgt until it all became white.

I knew I was heading to the after life and was kinda excited. At no point did I see my life expensive behind me. I had talked about my goodbyes to everyone via the narration of the note. Once I made it after light I was in this infinitely energy rich space.

I got no longer in a physical-like technique. It felt like a breath away of fresh air to arrive presently there. The space was bright, blurry and empty space without one near me. That felt like a new world along with a blue sky, metallic , the burkha structures which spanned-to infinity.

I felt like there was infinity information which I could discover, I was fascinated. The shades were clear though anything was grainy compared to the real world. I looked around for several seconds until then I was pulled out. I never found it again.

Some days soon my heart began to overcom on its own again, so they eradicated the impella. Days shortly after I began to slowly breathing on my own again, so they eliminated the #ECMO and manufactured the decision reduce the drugs to see if I needed wake up.

Neurologists had considered my brain and also told my mother that there was first little to no brain activity (they had done readings through electrodes on my head, We eventually lost hair on those areas).

My mom argued with them and mentioned “ no I was having him and as I stated his name he squeeze our finger” — and a midwife backed up my mom and said “ yes I saw it”. It began an argument amongst medical staff.

Some days later on I began to show signs of waking up and trying to speak with anagrams, though I had not been fully conscious yet. Going to just recall waking up not to mention knowing I had survived. These extubated me, and the primarily things I told these mother was “ My partner and i died and saw the exact afterlife”.

I weren’t able to walk for months, got hand trembles and two times vision for weeks once i woke up. My kidneys found also failed so I was initially on dialysis for months, hoping my kidneys could eventually begin to work again (luckily they did, the days were painful leading to a dialysis).

My own lungs had collapsed and so i would be short on breathing for any movement which would require energy. The stitches within my pelvic area at some point began to open up again, so they had to restitch it.

During that method I had an allergic reaction for you to lidocaine (see the spots on my arm). I couldn’t breathe well. An open wound remained and I needed nurses to clean and pack these open wound for months, even with I left the hospital. Rns would visit me every day at home to treat me.

The particular hospitalization was 2 many months, followed by a rehabilitation core. I left after only 5 days later simply because there was a COVID outbreak and am didn’t want to take a chance to find infected. I continued physio as an outpatient for a few weeks until their mandate seemed to be completed.

They suggested I continue #physio along with a #kinesiologist privately (no longer under medicare support). I actually went from using a walking cane while walking, then easy jogging and eventually running as well as high intensity workouts. It was a remarkably difficult recovery process.

Here’s my recovery video:

@2estupido *giantcellmyocarditis #myocarditis #heartfailure #kidneyfailure #lungfailure #ecmo #ecmosurvivor #icu #intensivecare #truth #canada #quebec #montreal #COVIDVaccine #moderna #vaccineinjury #vaccinecoronavirus #vaccine ♬ original sound – Michal

Many experts have over 6 months since this is my hospitalization and my cardiovascular system is considered “ normal”, despite the fact that I have some mild scarring damage and the cardiologists told me that they can don’t know the long-term effects of such scarring. After this type of intensive treatment, it’s a wonder that I’m recovering.

I will be participating in a 10-year cardio research program, where with the help of my blood they’re able to regrow my heart tissue with testing. Hopefully it causes new breakthroughs in #cardiovascular health/treatments.

A few doctors inside the hospital admitted that the lead to was the 3rd @moderna_tx vaccine, while others refused to also talk about it (they’d modify subjects or evade the question).

Though the hospital do give me a letter telling that I was no longer happen to be take any more @moderna_tx vaccines.

They also said that they could hardly find any reason for all of that’s happened to me. They may currently searching for mitochondrial health problems.

I was kind of a celebrity case in the hospital as medical-related teams were puzzled why any of this happened if you ask me. Since they couldn’t find all other reason why, they came to find me and said that they also have no choice but to report our case to the government and additionally submitted…

A trace relating to the dose/vial that was given to my family (don’t forget the fact that it started with my fiancé being hospitalized first).

Administration officials called me and said that they were waiting for my medical records to begin an investigation.

The lady whom I spoken with said “ We’ve heard of #myocarditis cases following your #vaccine, but NOTHING as critical as your case. If this is due to their vaccine, we really need to explore why”.

I haven’t heard from them since. They also told her i would formalize (put a authorities stamp on) the vaccine exemption for me, though said that the hospital should contact them all for such request. I am only still waiting for doctors to resolve me for that.

I’m currently trying to get my cardiologist or perhaps internal medicine doctor / director to try to fill up hcg diet plan sign the vaccine compensation form so that I could implement. It requires a doctor to represent your current case.

One doctor made the cardiologist to increase the form, while the cardiologist inquired him to fill the design. It’s quite annoying and difficult to get a doctor (of numerous who treated me) to symbolize my case.

Some extra points:

•   I knowledgeable weird seizures though these types of not sure if they were perhaps even seizures.

• I threw up a lot in my primary day hospitalized.

• I was delusional and was yelling at my family, they had in order to restrain me to the understructure. I don’t recall any one of that.

• I had giant cell #myocarditis.

• In my aspirations I felt in anguish in the chest and placed asking doctors “ you need to remove the metal rod by me” — I assume i always felt the installation of the #impella even through my ambitions.

• I have neuropathy, and can’t feel many elements of my legs ie thighs. You can poke me, place ice… don’t feel one thing.

• Genetic testing came back negative for any immune disorders.

• I have no storage space loss.

– I have tonsilloliths in my throat, likely on the intubation.

• I actually likely should’ve had past away, and I hope that very own case allows officials to uncover new dangers with the #mRNA #DCOVID #vaccines.

My last relate to is now the life expectancy following being on such a outrageous treatment #ECMO, heart fiasco and scarring.

Otherwise Personally i think better, I’ve revamped my very own nutrition and am training 3x per week. I’m not even afraid of death, but rather saddened by the idea of it.

Considering it would be the last time you needed see loved ones in the design you see them today.

I used to be supposed to get married in June but we postponed the idea to the end of Sept. 2010 2022… coming in just a few days! ❤ ️

Thank you for analyzing my story. Please retweet and share in social media once you support #vaccineinjuries victims.

R. S. @Apple watches work. When I began to feel edit pains, my #AppleWatch got made this reading (though a little high, it knew that will something was very off)!

2048 beats per minute! That’s definitely an arrhythmia!

I share that story for my friends and also family who endured tension throughout those few months. No one should ever have to experience and feel such pain/stress ♥ ️

Wild extension to the story:

I just raced my fiancé to the infirmary for possible atrial fibrillation according to my @AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L ECG device. She’s been feeling ill at present with high heart rates and even high blood pressure.

Took the same 1 / 3 @moderna_tx vial in February.

I chosen her up at about 5pm this morning, here’s his or her assessment:

• They disregard the potential atrial fibrillation through the 6-lead ECG piece of equipment. She argued “ precisely how else can I prove this kind of symptoms? You’ve already made me wear a holter all day and night back in June/July? ”

• They proposed she today asks her family doctor to have her to wear one for over 24 hours. Though such critical tachycardia happens here and there. Some days it’s okay, others it has the more severe. The issue with the health-related system here: unless you aren’t dying, they don’t care.

• They didn’t give the girl any medication to control your girlfriend abnormal rhythms / tension. All the doctor said from the little odd.

• This individual kept telling her it’s far normal after the vaccine, until she explained what happened for me above… he quickly closed up with his “ normal” theories.

We’re really exhausted by what’s going on tbh. Ever since typically the vaccine she took beside me, she’s had odd heart irregularities. But they’ll make calling it a chance until she ends up in a healthcare facility like I did.

I’m debating to buy a continuous ECG. At this moment I’m starting to debate if it is more useful for me or perhaps my fiancé …

Has anyone tried this product? My infirmary won’t acknowledge any data not stemming from their items tho.

List of biopsies executed on me:

• two to three heart biopsies

• 0 kidney biopsy


• 1 muscle biopsy in search for mitochondrial disease

H/T: Rattibha. com

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