September 28, 2022

NBC’s Meet the Press Admits ARIZONA Gov. Candidate Kari River “Strong, ” Opponent Katie Hobbs “Not a Good Candidate”

Mainstream media acknowledges Democrats running weak candidate in battleground state.

NBC Sunday news program “ Meet the Press” didn’t mince words whenever analyzing the Arizona governor’s race, commenting Republican candidate Kari Lake looks “ strong” compared to her Liberal opponent Katie Hobbs.

In a debate about the race, host Chuck Todd admitted to a board that Lake, a candidate backed by President Donald Trump, was “ stronger than I thought. ”

Panelist Amy Walter agreed Lake, who was a reporter at a local Fox affiliate in Phoenix for 22 years, is a familiar face many Arizonans may regard since trustworthy.

“ Being on television as the lady – Kari Lake – being a former TV point for … 20 years, there is a sense from voters that will, ‘ I know this person and whatever is being mentioned about them in attack ads, well maybe that’s genuine, but maybe that’s just politics because she’s been in our living room for the last 20 years, ‘” Walter said. “ So , she has a benefit there. ”

Co-panelist Matt Gorman also admitted polls are showing a “ neck-and-neck” race contrary to exactly what he believed voters ought to be feeling.

Gorman went on to confess Hobbs “ is not a great candidate. ”

Meanwhile, Hobbs’ campaign do her no favors simply by rejecting an invitation in order to debate Lake, a move likely seen as weak simply by voters who want to learn more about each candidates.

On Sunday, Hobbs’ campaign said she would not agree to Lake’s requests, claiming the Republican candidate’s platform “ is to cause enormous chaos and make Arizona the subject of nationwide ridicule. ”

“ Arizonans deserve a lot better than Kari Lake, and that’s why we’re confident Katie Hobbs will be elected our following governor, ” the advertising campaign wrote, adding, “ We must respectfully decline the invites. ”

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