‘Respect Everyone’s Individual Decisions, ’ Says Hypocrite New Zealand PM Who Forced Jabs & Masks

Politician drops mask and Covid shot mandates after forcing majority of country to get experimental jab

Brand new Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had the gall to tell citizens on Monday they need to respect their colleagues who continue to wear face masks after the country dropped the mask and vaccine requires.

Ardern’s administration has declared this “ time to safely switch the page” on the country’s strict Covid-19 policies.

The new Covid rules in New Zealand will drop all mask requirements except for health and elder facilities, quit isolation for household contacts, remove all vaccine requirements for incoming travelers, and end all government shot mandates on September 26.

Older citizens who catch Covid may also be put on antiviral medications, which were previously shunned by the healthcare establishment during the height from the pandemic.

Speaking about citizens who will still be disguised despite the mandates being fallen, the PM said, “ People will use masks for their own individual reasons. They may personally be vulnerable. They might have events they want to make certain their not unwell regarding. They may not have had Covid-19. We all just need to respect everyone’s individual choices . ”

However , after telling Kiwis to respect choices made by individuals, Ardern said mask mandates will be brought back if Covid cases begin to rise again.

So , if you didn’t wish to wear a mask or get the vaccine over the past couple of years you didn’t have anybody freedom of choice, but now individuals same people must regard those who wish to continue putting on masks.

This is ridiculous because the anti-mask plus anti-Covid jab crowd is not going to publicly ridicule those who differ with them as the left do to conservatives throughout the Covid pandemic.

A News 1 report covered the new regulations:

The outrageously hypocritical statement by Ardern was not lost on the internet.

Paul Joseph Watson eviscerated the hypocrite prime minister in his latest video:

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