September 28, 2022

“Stand the F**k Down or even Get Shot”: Woman Arrested for Threatening to Destroy Trump-Appointed Judge Who Approved Special Master

Woman suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome allegedly left unhinged voice messages for judge telling her she was ‘marked for assassination. ‘

Law enforcement charged a Texas girl with threatening to “ assassinate” US District Court Judge Aileen M. Cannon, who approved the appointment of a special master to review documents retrieved during the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home Mar-a-Lago.

Reports state Tiffani Shea Gish of Houston earlier this month still left obscene voice messages threatening the life of the Trump-appointed judge for “ helping” the previous president in the case.

Gish, who used the codename “ Evelyn Salt” in the Angelina Jolie thriller “ Salt, ” claimed to be a ALL OF US government nuclear worker during three voice messages left on the judge’s chamber telephone .

Hey, yes, this message is for Aileen Cannon, this is Evelyn Salt, I’m in charge of nuclear for the United States Government. Once again, Donald Trump has been disqualified long ago, and he’s marked for killing, you’re helping him ma’am . So , here’s what we’ll do, we’re going to let you deactivate fucking live nukes out of your coffee table…. how about a person sit on an electric chair a couple times over… you think you have the magical ability to pop up from the dead… pretending that you are currently on the team of justice. Again, I told you your dog is disqualified, he is marked for assassination and are also you , you ridiculous botch, remain the fuck down or get shot … and guess what, I’m also Trump’s hitman, so contemplate it a bullet to your mind from Donald Trump himself…

“ You’re full of s—, and I’m going to f— ing have you shot myself. I’ve already ordered snipers plus a bomb to your f— ing house, ” she apparently said in another unhinged voice mail.

Gish faces charges associated with influencing a federal official simply by threat and making interstate threats of harm.

On Friday, Magistrate Judge Peter Bray asked Gish’s competency to endure trial, saying she “ appears to suffer from severe mental impairments with symptoms which includes paranoia and delusions, ” according to CNBC .

Prosecutors have also requested a competency hearing, set for Wednesday, as Gish’s “ previous conduct shows delusional perform where she claimed to become a CIA agent, a Navy SEAL, an Army Ranger, and someone familiar with nuclear weaponry or war, all whilst intermixing threats to community officials such as Former President  Donald Trump  or previous Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton. ”

Last week, Judge Cannon appointed a special master as requested by Trump to review documents and materials seized during the raid on his resort, the move appealed by the Justice Department which claimed the particular appointment was unnecessary and could harm national security interests.

On Mon, the DOJ agreed to Trump’s request for a special master, enabling the selection of former US District Court Judge Raymond Drearie as a neutral party to evaluation documents seized during the raid.

Assess Cannon has yet in order to approve Drearie’s selection.

Gish’s calls emerged on the same day President Later on Biden shipped his infamous “ blood red” speech labeling Trump supporters significant extremists and enemies of the state.

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