October 2, 2022

‘You’re A Sick Old Man! ’ – Citizen Arrested For Heckling Prince Andrew During Queen Elizabeth II Memorial

Prince also filmed appearing to grope his own daughter’s behind

A 22-year-old Scottish man was arrested on Monday after shouting with Prince Andrew during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Freedom of speech is officially dead in the United Kingdom after the individual was reportedly jailed designed for yelling, “ Andrew, you will absolutely a sick old man” at the prince.

Alternate angle:

Watch below as the guy is tackled to the terrain and shoved by furious Monarchists.

Police Scotland informed Sky News the particular 22-year-old man was caught for a “ breach from the peace. ”

The man’s criticism most likely stems from Andrew’s connection with deceased pedophile and globalist blackmail artist Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew settled a lawsuit in February after an American woman named Virginia Giuffre accused him of sexually assaulting her three separate times when she has been 17 in part of an Epstein sex trafficking operation.

Potentially proving the heckler to be totally correct, Prince Andrew was caught by news cameras appearing to grab the buttcheek of his own daughter.

An additional camera angle caught a glimpse of the incident.

Citizens of the globe are waking up to the felony cabal of globalists aiming to break humanity’s back, however minions are still defending their overlords as we expose the deadly agenda.

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