September 29, 2022

Election: Half of Americans Think U. S. Will No Longer be a Global Superpower Within Ten Years

A brand new YouGov/Economist poll asking Americans about the likelihood of various “ dire political scenarios” discovered that half the country believe that within ten years the US will not be a global superpower and there will be a “ complete economic collapse. ”   From  YouGov: Among fifteen potential future scenarios regarding instability or political violence, the one that most […]#@@#@!!

A new YouGov/Economist poll inquiring Americans about the likelihood of numerous “ dire political scenarios” found that half the country think that within ten years the US will no longer be a global superpower and there will be a “ total economic collapse. ”  

From  YouGov :

Amongst 15 potential future situations involving instability or political violence, the one that most People in america consider likely in the next 10 years is that the U. S. stops to be a global superpower (50% say this), followed by a total collapse of the U. T. economy (47%). Each of the 15 dire scenarios is considered considerably or very likely in the next decade by at least 20% associated with Americans.

[…] 37% associated with Americans say [a civil war] is at least fairly likely to occur.

[…] After an end to the U. S. ‘s global-superpower status and economic collapse, the next most likely scenario is that the Oughout. S. will cease to be a democracy (39% say this really is likely within the next decade). More say it’s likely the U. S. will become a fascist dictatorship (31%) than say it will become a communist dictatorship (21%). (The vote didn’t ask whether individuals believe a given scenario has already occurred, so some people who have believe this probably are included among those who stated each scenario is likely. )

Republicans are more likely than Democrats to believe nearly all of the scenarios mentioned are likely within the next 10 years. Two-thirds of Republicans (65%) believe that total economic collapse reaches least somewhat likely, when compared with only 38% of Democrats. Around half of Republicans (48%) say it’s likely that the government will confiscate citizens’ firearms; only 17% associated with Democrats say this. Republicans are also more likely than Democrats to believe there will be a total breakdown of law and purchase (49% vs . 31%) and that the U. S. will be invaded by a foreign country (41% vs . 24%).

While a similar share associated with Republicans and Democrats believe it’s at least somewhat probably that the U. S. may cease to be a democracy in the next decade, there is disagreement as to which type of government is likely to replace it. Democrats are usually slightly more likely than Conservatives to say the U. T. will be a fascist dictatorship (37% vs . 32%). Republicans, on the other hand, are three times as likely as Democrats to say it can be a communist dictatorship (31% vs . 13%).  

In terms of the possibility of a civil war, Republicans are usually likelier than Democrats to trust there will be one between people of each party (45% vs . 35%) or between people from red and azure states (36% vs . 30%). Democrats are slightly more probably than Republicans to believe you will have a war between the poor and rich (37% vs . 25%) or between metropolitan areas and rural areas (23% vs . 20%). Democrats and Republicans are equally likely (31%) to anticipate a civil war between racial groups.

[…] Would the government be able to protect itself against an equipped citizen uprising? Americans are usually twice as likely to believe the particular military and law enforcement would prevail against armed rebels (51%) as they are to say they would fail (26%). While Republicans and Independents possess similar expectations on the matter, Democrats are far more positive about the government’s prospects: 68% say the military and law enforcement are at least somewhat likely to succeed, relative to 44% of Republicans and Independents.

Judging by the actions of the Biden routine, they’re clearly expecting an identical doomsday scenario to take place as they’re already laying the groundwork by  declaring all their political opposition to become white extremists and household terrorists.

Our globalist overlords will want to start a civil war in the us than give the American individuals any political concessions.  

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