Documentary Filmmaker Ken Burns Scrutinizes DeSantis Sending Illegals To Martha’s Vineyard With The Holocaust

Tells CNN viewers Florida governor’s spin ‘coming straight out of the authoritarian playbook’

Liberal documentary filmmaker Ken Burns appeared relating to CNN where he told readers Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is an “ authoritarian” akin to Hitler because he shipped illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in a political stunt.

Burns joined CNN ‘ s John Berman Thurs night to discuss the Florida governor’s decision to fly 48 illegal migrants to the opulent Massachusetts islands where Obama vacations.

Typically the filmmaker also went on this system to promote his new documentary focusing on America’s response to your Holocaust.

Berman told Burns the DeSantis scheme “ addressed some of the same themes” covered inside Holocaust documentary.

Responding, Burns said the particular Florida governor is using the particular illegal immigrants as politics pawns in an “ severe game coming straight out of the severe playbook. ”

He continued, saying, “ What’s so disturbing with regards to DeSantis is to use human beings… to weaponize human beings for your political purpose. ”

Burns then stated DeSantis is “ penalising political enemies” and “ putting on a political theatre with the lives of human beings. ”

“ What’s so ironic is without a doubt these are Venezuelan refugees in which DeSantis should be supporting considering they’re trying to flee often the corruption of a left-wing govt and all the pain there, ” he added.

Near the end of the video, the filmmaker urged Families to stand up to politicians such as Florida governor before the state becomes the next Nazi Germany.

“ The time to spend less a Democracy is just before it’s lost, ” the person told the CNN readers.

As is typical together with mainstream media propaganda, the particular message being distributed happens to be an inversion of reality as it is the left-wing establishment marketing and advertising open borders that invests millions of incoming illegal immigrants at risk of rape, disease not to mention death.

The particular Democrat party is using humans as political pawns from flooding America with those individuals that largely vote in their want and typically sign on top of government assistance programs put together by and promoted by the left.

The frustrating flow of illegals pouring into the U. S. can be aligned with the agenda of one’s UN and WEF which will openly plan on collapsing America and removing it from its place as the world’s major superpower in order to usher from a New World Order.

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