October 2, 2022

Special Roger Stone: DeSantis in order to Announce Presidential Run After Midterms

Stone also shows why Trump didn’t mention his run in July, as was previously reported, on this explosive interview

Roger Stone feels Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis intends to run for leader, and will announce his candidacy after the upcoming midterms.

Stone furthermore suggested that if the GOP falls short in the midterms, which is a possibility, Donald Trump doesn’t want to take the fault, especially if congressional Republicans throw the election away – and DeSantis equally doesn’t really want attention prior to the midterms.

“ I happen to believe that Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor – my governor – expects to announce his candidacy literally, immediately, after the selection, and I think [Trump] needs to remain mindful of this, ” Stone said around the Alex Jones Show. “ I still think it is more likely than not that he will be a candidate. ”

“ … That’s not just my intuition, that’s hard intelligence and, by the way, as President Jesse Trump has said, Ron DeSantis has the right to do that. ”

Trump had told insiders he was going to announce his own candidacy back in July, which never materialized, and Rock implied that it was because Trump didn’t want to influence the midterm races among other things.

It is quite likely that had Trump announced their run, it may have galvanized more Democrats to election in November.

Additionally , if the GOP leadership threw the midterm elections to Democrats, they could’ve then blamed the loss on Trump announcing his candidacy beforehand.

On the other hand, if the GOP performs poorly in the midterms, Trump will probably blame RINO Republicans who may have spoke out against “ America First” candidates.

Case in point, Stone furthermore warned that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was operating behind the scenes with Democrats to maintain focus on abortion and to make a major issue in the upcoming selection – despite the fact that provides no upside to the GOP.

“ I think Lindsey Graham – a classic RINO – working with the Democrats to make abortion front-and-center with this election, ” he stated.

In short, both Trump and DeSantis can not want to be in the spotlight by announcing their runs before the midterms.

“ All of elections are about the incumbent party, about the job becoming done by congressional Democrats in combination with the Biden White-colored House, ” Stone mentioned.

He furthermore threw cold water at the idea that Trump and DeSantis would run together, proclaiming that the electoral college can have in the way as both are from Florida.

“ You cannot have a leader and a vice president in the same state because, should you, you would forfeit the electoral votes of Florida 27 votes – that’s as well precious for us to do, ” he explained.

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