September 28, 2022

Watch: Royal Guard Collapses In Front Of Queen’s Coffin

Internet questions if Covid shot played a role

Viral footage shows a royal guard keeping watch more than Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin collapsing onto his encounter during the casket viewing ceremony.

The black-clad guard can be seen falling forward and hitting their face on Westminster Hall’s stone floor just after night time on Thursday morning.

The BBC quickly changed the particular live feed of the Queen’s coffin following the guard’s drop.

According to TMZ , the 41-year-old  cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gabriella Windsor, also collapsed during the service.

The Queen’s coffin is available for public viewing 24/7 until  her Monday funeral.

There is no revise on the health of the royal guard who fell and Lady Gabriella Windsor apparently left the event after regaining consciousness.

Various internet users questioned whether the Covid vaccine could be to blame for the medical episodes.

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