October 1, 2022

Almost Half of San Franciscans Personally Impacted by Crime – Election

While city residents reported being victims at higher rates, almost as many stated they distrust law enforcement

Nearly half of San Francisco residents have been victims of theft in the last five years, and nearly a quarter have already been physically attacked or endangered, according to a poll published by the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday.  

According to the data, 45% of respondents have experienced fraud and 24% have experienced assault or the threat of it.  

The percentage was even higher among minority populations, with 54% of black and 55% of mixed-race respondents stating they had experienced theft when compared with 43% for white occupants. Those surveyed who identified as Hispanic or  mixed-race were the most likely to have been vulnerable or physically attacked, with 36% of both organizations reporting violence against them.  

Many poll respondents had detrimental opinions of law enforcement as well, with 41% rating the police’s performance ‘ poor’ or ‘ very poor’ and just 18% evaluating this as ‘ good’ or ‘ excellent’. Mixed-race respondents were most likely to doubt the police (52%), while the determine was lower but still raised among Hispanic residents (43%).  

Actually those San Franciscans who have had not personally been bombarded or robbed said the city was going downhill, a viewpoint shared by 65% associated with poll respondents and especially prevalent among older inhabitants. People aged 50 to 65 were the most fed up, with 78% saying items had gotten worse, whilst 71% of those 66 and older agreed.  

The longer participants had lived in San Francisco, the more likely they were to really miss its past: 69% of those who arrived before yr lamented what had turn out to be of the city. Over a 3rd predicted things would get worse in the next two years, and an additional third said they planned to leave within the next 3.

San Francisco experienced the largest population drop associated with any major US city during the Covid-19 pandemic, with 6. 3% of its residents leaving during the year ending in July 2021. Poll participants who said they prepared to leave cited reputed problems, such as the lack of affordable housing, homelessness, and uncontrolled crime, as well as frustration along with local politicians, who they will feel refuse to do anything at all about it.  

The poll was executed in the weeks following the prosperous recall of infamously easygoing district attorney Chesa Boudin, the vote many interpreted as meaning that ua-liberal San Franciscans were finally putting their foot down against radical policies that have seen criminals become much more brazen and expand their activities from traditional hotspots such as the Tenderloin district into wealthier communities.

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