October 6, 2022

Biden Says “We Have A Process In Place To Manage Migrants” Because Complete Chaos Unfolds In Border And Beyond

Everyone, which includes Democrat leaders, wants to understand what the “process” is exactly

Before he got lost again , Joe Biden announced throughout remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala that will his administration “ includes a process in place” to deal with the massive influx of undocumented migrants to the U. S.

Biden didn’t explain what that process was, and it’s hard to see any process through the absolute turmoil that is unfolding.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that will Immigration authorities are reporting the highest-ever daily quantity of migrants entering the United States along the southwest border, with Edge Patrol officers logging roughly 8, 000 migrant runs into a day.

A lot more chaos unfolded after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sanctioned between 75 and one hundred illegal immigrants to be bussed from Del Rio in order to Washington DC, where they will ended up outside the residence of ‘ edge czar’ Vice President Kamala Harris.

Earlier within the week, Harris claimed that this southern border is secure, prompting Democratic Senator Joe Manchin  to slam the VP as “ dead wrong”.

Speaking to reporters within DC, those who came over the buses admitted that they just walked right in to the Oughout. S.:

Harris just totally ignored questions about the event:

Now that the problem is being outsourced over and above the border, Democrat leaders are suddenly concerned:

Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who sent two planes filled with illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard previously this week, declared that these new found concerns among Democrats reveal how their prior desire to see ‘ haven cities’ was pure virtue signalling:

CBS, NBC and MSNBC described DeSantis’ actions as “ evil” and “ inhumane”:

In the mean time, at the White House…

Based on data from Customs and Border Protection,   more than  two mil   people have attemptedto cross the border within the 2022 fiscal year up to now.

That shape equates to a 22 season high.

A recent  NPR/Ipsos poll has revealed   that over 50 percent associated with Americans feel that the southern border is under ‘ invasion’ from illegal migrants.

Raul Ortiz, The Head of The U. S. Border Patrol has also  testified under pledge   that he feels the Biden administration’s policy of “ no consequences” for illegal immigrants seeking to enter the country has made the particular border less safe, caused an exponential increase in people attempting to cross, and has straight caused what he thinks constitutes a “ crisis”.

Border Patrol agents  recently described   White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre because “ extremely dumb” following her claims that migrant workers are not “ walking across” the southern border.

The Border Patrol are being told to  literally unlock gates to get illegal immigrants to enter the country   and get bussed to cities their best York.

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