October 6, 2022

NBA Star Kyrie Irving Content 2002 Alex Jones Video Warning ‘New World Order’ Would Use ‘Plagues and Viruses’ to Control Public

Business triggered after Brooklyn Netting point guard shares video associated with verboten Infowars host.

NBA basketball player Kyrie Irving shared a video on social media of Infowars founder Alex Jones discussing the tyrannical New World Order.

The 41-second video, titled, “ Never Forget – Alex Jones Tried to Warn Us, ” appeared on the Brooklyn Nets point guard’s Instagram stories Thursday.

In the video from 2002 originally posted to Instagram from the Free Thought Project, Jones says, “ The facts plus common sense are in. Yes, there have been corrupt empires. Yes they manipulate. Yes there are secret societies. Yes there have been oligarchies throughout history. ”

Jones continues: “ And yes, today within 2002, there is a tyrannical organization  calling itself the New Globe Order pushing for globally government, a cashless modern society, total and complete tyranny. Simply by centralizing and socializing health care the state becomes god basically when it comes to your health. And, after that by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues on us, we then basically get shoved into their system where human beings are totally worthless. ”

With all the tyranny seen worldwide according to the Covid crisis and many more topics referred to coming to complete, Jones appears to have been vindicated on every front.

“ Back in 2002 a mystery community access television sponsor named Alex Jones has been warning the world about oligarchies, secret societies, cashless communities and global government, ” the Free Thought Task captioned the video, adding, “ Oh yeah, he also predicted CVD-1984. Maybe we should possess listened? ”

Irving, 30, who was sidelined by his team throughout the 2021 season after notoriously refusing to adhere to a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, took flak on social media for revealing the video of Jones, who’s currently on trial within Connecticut.

The liberal establishment is induced that Irving has a thoughts of his own, thinks with regard to himself and shares videos he resonates with plus finds interesting.

Get in touch with your inner-Kyrie Irving and share the full video associated with Alex Jones’ March twenty-eight, 2002 broadcast with everybody you know!

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