October 1, 2022

Alex Jones is Outselling Stephen King! It’s Because the Plans of Klaus Schwab and the Globalists are More TERRIFYING than Any Horror Story!

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On Friday morning, The Great Reset by Alex Jones was #6 of all books on Amazon, while horror master Stephen King’s new novel, Fairy Tale , has been #8.

This remarkable result comes on the heels of final week’s remarkable censorship from the New York Times of The Great Totally reset upon its bestseller list. Despite the fact that Bookscan reported more than 36, 000 copies sold plus Jeanette McCurdy’s book, I’m Glad My friend is Dead , offered 34, 000 copies, the newest York Times listed McCurdy’s book at #1. (In fairness, though, because purchases were so overwhelming, Amazon . com could not ship 6, 500 copies, and those were not contained in the weekly count. They should be in the next week’s numbers. )

However , what was inexcusable by the New York Times is they did not even list Alex’s book as #2, or even anywhere on their list.

By comparison, Publisher’s Weekly and the Wall Street Journal, correctly outlined The fantastic Reset at #2 in hardcover non-fiction.  

How is it possible these lists can have The Great Rest at #2, while the New York Times does not even have the book on the list?  

It’s ONLY because the New York Times is part of the Excellent Reset, which seeks to manage you! Even with the remarkable sales this week, we can rely on the New York Times disregarding this book once again.

Here’s one of the amazing client reviews the book is receiving, of the more than 800 testimonials already posted, with a over 4. 9 out of 5. 0 stars.

Read this remarkable overview of The truly amazing Reset by a self-proclaimed former leftist:

Highly Skeptical Before Looking over this, But it Blew My Brain and I Can’t Recommend this Enough

This book has been recommended to me by an esteemed colleague who I greatly admire and believe in. Not a fan of Alex Jones personally, because of his reputation – however this book was just phenomenal.

Firstly, it’s excellently sourced, you can find footnotes and references. We cross-checked almost every single one of these claims and everything is certainly 100% verifiable and well-documented fact.

Second, it’s a brief and easy read. I devoured it because it was therefore compelling, well-written and terrible.

Lastly – this book changed my perspective on lifestyle and our current actuality. It just absolutely destroyed my foundation for exactly what and why I thought things were taking place and it has left me politically homeless.

Few books, if ANY KIND OF, have ever just decimated my fabric of reality. If you’re on the left, you should read this article book! Just do it so you can attempt to prove it wrong when nothing else, believe me I actually TRIED. And failed totally because it’s all accurate.

We really are in a battle for the future of humanity and it’s really glaringly obvious when you look into the hard facts. If you’re an individual who cares about the reality and what’s morally correct in any capacity, no matter your political affiliation, race, sex or creed, you need to read this book and share it. It will change your life, I promise. And in the long run, can potentially save mankind – NO EXAGGERATION.


a former leftist cynic who had their base rocked to the core simply by this book.

We are in a War for that World, but good people of conscience are waking up to their terrible plans.

Please do your own part to spread this particular message of hope.

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