October 6, 2022

Buses Deport Martha’s Vineyard Illegals Off Island

Around 50 illegitimate being removed from elitist enclave and relocated to ALL OF US military base within forty eight hours.

Buses arrived in Martha’s Vineyard Friday to help relocate illegal aliens flown there Thursday by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) off the island.

Footage shows several buses pulling into St . Andrew’s Parish Home in Edgartown, where around 50 illegals from Venezuela were being aided simply by volunteers.

Extra footage shows women and kids loading onto the buses which would transport them away from the coast to the Joint Base Shawl Cod military base.

Many on Twitter pointed out the illegal immigrant relocation operation seems to stand in stark contrast with yard signs within the Martha’s Vineyard community declaring they “ stand along with immigrants, [and] with refugees. ”

A barrage associated with memes were created to mark the occasion prior to the illegitimate being booted off the isle.

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