October 6, 2022

Prelude to 2024: Gavin Newsom Challenges Ron DeSantis In order to Debate On CNN

A public debate moderated by CNN focused on the illegal immigration crisis? Surely it wouldn’t be rigged in favor of far-left governor Gavin Newsom!

Talk about your cowardly difficulties – A public debate moderated by CNN centered on the illegal immigration crisis?   Surely such an event would not be rigged in support of a far left politician like Gavin Newsom…

The particular California Governor seems to have been triggered by recent responses from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about Newsom’s curly hair gel usage and mental dysfunction.   Media electric outlet CNN, which has been bleeding viewers as well as cash for years, will be desperate for any attention and it is CEO Chris Litch immediately jumped on the prospect (suggested by Dan Rather) of a debate between the two market leaders of two of the most people states in the US.

Newsom of course quickly  volunteered for the opportunity , telling DeSantis to “ bring his hairspray”:

“ Hello @GovRonDeSantis, clearly you’re striving, distracted, and busy actively playing politics with people’s lives. Since you have only one overriding need — attention — let’s take this up & debate. I’ll bring our hair gel. You provide your hairspray. ”

It is unconfirmed whether or not DeSantis actually uses hairspray.

The public debate between the two state governors would have to end up being on neutral ground, which discounts every single major business news outlet in the country these days, CNN in particular.   If those were the conditions it’s unlikely that Gavin Newsom would be as excited about the idea.            

The conflict on the illegal immigration issue has exploded in recent months as conventional governors bus and journey migrants directly to  leftist controlled cities.   Because democrats face actual financial consequences for their open border policies, they have become increasingly angry and bitter, projecting their ire onto red-colored states while ignoring the main point being made – If their shelter and welfare systems in wealthy towns can’t even deal with some thousand migrants, how can these people expect border states and small towns to deal with numerous illegals every year?  

Newsom like all other leftists do not have an answer with this question.   Instead, they have chosen to attack the messengers rather than considering the message.  

The current accusation being used is that DeSantis plus Texas Governor Greg Abbott is “ exploiting humans as political pawns. ”   This is what leftists are doing for decades through their own open border policies and their continued opposition to practical voter ID laws and regulations.   But beyond that will, it’s important to note that illegal migrant workers don; t have to be here in the US; they can go home at any time they like.   It’s hard to be a political pawn in a country you don’t live in and aren’t trying to sneak into.

The main takeaway from this situation is that the migrant busing strategy is working.   Conservative states are exposing the hypocrisy of blue state open up border proponents, and now these are furious.

The particular classic leftist tactic when exposed is to try to switch the tables and admonish people for proving all of them wrong.   The migrant busing debate is no various.   Mayors in New York and Washington DC have got consistently accused border says of “ monstrous” behaviour, but this attack contradicts the history of open edge advocates and their long-term habit of relocating migrants deep inside the US, as often as you can red counties.   It’s actual fine when they do it, although not when conservatives do it?      

It also contradicts the political left’s root argument when it comes to illegal immigration, which is that there are “ room enough” in America for everyone who wants to come right here.   Apparently not within NY, DC or Martha’s Vineyard.  

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