October 1, 2022

Fauci “Misled Congress” About Gain-Of-Function Research, But ‘Protected Simply by Biden Admin’; Former CDC Chief Says

Just a week ago, Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News plus slammed Anthony Fauci to take the default position associated with trying to “ cover up” his activities, including possibly encouraging social media companies to censor medical information. “ I think that  all of America should be appalled that America’ s doctor, the leading specialist on COVID in public health, […]#@@#@!!

Just last week , Senator Rand Paul appeared upon Fox News and criticized Anthony Fauci for taking the particular default position of trying to “ cover up” his activities, including potentially motivating social media companies to censor medical information.

“ I think that  all of America should be appalled that America’s doctor, the leading professional on COVID in public health, doesn’t want to divulge information , doesn’t want to divulge his communications with Large Tech, ” Paul urged, adding that Fauci’s “ modus operandi” is to “ cover up”.

Per month before that,   Senator Paul spoke after first ever Senate hearing upon gain of function study, having revealed that there is the committee that is supposed to oversee such experimentation with possibly lethal viruses, but that it must be above the oversight associated with Congress.

“ We don’t know the names.   All of us don’t know that they ever satisfy,   and we don’t have any records of their  meetings, ”   the Senator reiterated,   adding  “ It could top-secret.   Congress is not really allowed to know.   So whether the committee actually  is present, we’re uncertain. ”

“ We do know that will they’ve met  three times and there are thousands of  gain-of-function research proposals. They’ve just met three times,   they are yet to only reviewed three tasks, ” Paul continued.

The particular Senator added that  “ When Dr . Fauci said, ‘ Oh, coming from reviewed this and the professionals have looked at this, and said it’s not gain-of-function, ‘  even that wasn’t true.   There was a committee that was  formed after 2017 to look at  this dangerous research.   They didn’t look at this  research at all because they  never reviewed it.   So no one reviewed this to say  it wasn’t gain-of-function  research.   They didn’t review it, time period. ”

“ So we learned a lot of things,   but I think we reconfirmed that  Dr . Fauci is not getting honest  with us, ”   Paul urged, adding  “ Yes, the  NIH  funded gain-of-function  study .   Yes, it had been dangerous.   And indeed, nobody looked over  this particular.   Nobody reviewed the research. Yes,   a million people died. And there nevertheless seems to be a  significant lack of curiosity on  the part of Democrats. ”

Of course , Fauci shrugged this off as just more ‘ vast-right-wing-conspiracy-theory’ or some-such.

But , Dr . Fauci has a issue now…   Only the News’ Greg Piper reports   that the previous Center for Disease Manage and Prevention director who was cast as a conspiracy theorist for saying the evidence supported the lab-leak explanation regarding COVID-19 – allegedly invoking death threats –   claims that the real “ conspiracy is Collins, Fauci, and the established technological community. ”

Robert Redfield told former Senate Financing Committee investigator Paul Thacker   that Nationwide Institute of Allergy plus Infectious Diseases Director Dr . Anthony  Fauci “ knew” he funded gain-of-function research that makes viruses a lot more dangerous, and “ misinformed Congress” when he denied it. ”

Rand Paul has been right after all… and it was not a vast right wing conspiracy theory? Shock horror!

“ Everyone had to agree to the narrative” pushed by Fauci  and then-National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins that SARS-CoV-2 emerged from the “ wet market” in Wuhan, not the Fauci-funded Wuhan Institute of Virology miles away, to avoid being a public target of the 2 officials, he said.

Redfield stated he believes  The Lancet spring 2020 letter   that lumped in the lab-leak hypothesis with “ conspiracy theories” was “ orchestrated … under direction of Fauci and Collins,   trying to nip any attempt to have an honest investigation from the pandemic’s origin. ”

“ There was nothing medical about that letter. It was just an attempt to intimidate people, ”   he also said.

“ I had been threatened, my life was endangered, ” he said.

“ I have letters I acquired from prominent scientists, that will previously gave me awards, informing me that the best thing I possibly could do for the world was to shoot myself due to what I said. ”

He feels that “ Fauci plus Collins were behind a great deal of” the conspiracy and “ anti-Asian hate” states about the lab-leak theory

So , finally, we all ask,   exactly how has Fauci been able to outlive all this   (politically, bureaucratically, and freedom-wise)?

Dr . Redflied has the answer – and you refuse to like it:

[n]othing’s going to take place as long as the Biden administration is here . ”

The part of science, though, remember!

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