October 3, 2022

‘Just Another Day’: Cellphone Video clip Captures Axe-Wielding Man Dropping His Nerve at Bronx McDonald’s

Insane criminal incident caught on video in lawless NEW YORK CITY.

A minor altercation allegedly took place earlier involving the suspect, Michael Palacios, thirty-one, of the Bronx, NYC, and three other individuals, with the brawl quickly turning into a rampage that was caught on video.

An axe-wielding individual terrorized customers and wrecked a large number of dollars’ worth of real estate at the Delancey Street McDonald’s in New York City, the New You are able to Post  reported   on Saturday, citing authorities.

Viral footage of the encounter demonstrated the suspect – since identified as Palacios – initially being struck by 3 men, with a surprisingly relaxed Palacios shown placing their right arm against their head.

“ I’m still standing, ” the perpetrator said, just before calmly approaching his backpack. Within seconds, he proceeded to calmly take out a good axe before threatening their opponents and alarmed bystanders.

According to a user, who posted the video on Twitter on Saturday, the early-morning Friday event could be described as:   “ NYC always good for a few chaotic mayhem. He didn’t hurt anybody, but could have been ugly! ”

One of the witnesses who had been filming the incident stated: “ That’s why I keep my knife on myself at all times. ”

In addition to three counts associated with menacing behavior and two counts of criminal weapon possession, Palacios was apparently accused of committing lawbreaker mischief by authorities.

“ I thought gun at first when this individual went into the bag! The hatch was a pleasant shock! ” the user, who submitted the video  described   their feelings.

“ I had no idea what happened here, ”   said   another netizen. “ But watching NYC going down hill back to its glory times of being a cesspool has a certain car accident curiosity factor into it. ”

“ The guy in the black tank got real peaceful all of a sudden, and thinking ‘ maybe throwing those punches at him was a extremely bad life decision’” a few of the netizens commented.

“ People recording plus laughing when there is a man having an axe threatening lives there… idk man this whatever you called a first world nation? ” another  wondered.

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