December 5, 2022

Biden to Ease Restrictions on Cuban Migrants

United states Embassy in Havana increases staff to help clear the way for additional applications

The administration of US President Joe Biden is set to resume full immigrant visa processing just for Cubans for the first time since 2017, saying it hopes to facilitate  “ orderly migration”   into the US and help reunite families separated by national borders.

The US Charge in Cuba  announced   the move ahead Wednesday, reversing a 2017 decision by former Leader Donald Trump to stop full visa processing with regard to Cuban citizens.  

“ Consistent with our commitments under the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection to facilitate safe, organised, humane, and regular immigration, the United States is today announcing an expansion of regular pathways available to Cubans wishing to come to the United States and a rise in personnel at the US embassy in Havana, ”   it said inside a statement, noting that visa for australia processing will begin again sometime in early 2023.

The Biden administration had already started to review a restricted number of Cuban visa apps earlier this year, but the latest proceed will quicken the speed of the process. Additionally , Cubans looking to reunite with loved ones will no longer be required to travel to Guyana for their interviews, as had been required by the Trump Whitened House.  

The decision follows  migration talks   between US and Cuban officials in April, when the two sides discussed the execution of the US-Cuba Migration Accords, under which Washington agreed to accept a minimum of 20, 1000 Cuban migrants per year, not really counting immediate relatives of US citizens.  

Relations between the two countries have vacillated in recent years, with former President Barack Obama easing a decades-old blockade on  Cuba before Trump’s term, which was much more aggressive toward the communist-ruled tropical isle.  

The number of Cuban nationals seeking to enter the US has spiked significantly over the last year, seeing around 200, 000 processed simply by US border officials, the 400% jump from 2021, according to  federal government statistics .

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