October 3, 2022

Coroner Rules New Zealand Guy, 26, Died from Pfizer Covid Jab

Rory Nairn, 26, died from vaccine-related myocarditis last year, coroner determined after examining proof.

A New Zealand man’s death from myocarditis was caused by Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, a coroner has ruled.

According to Coroner Prosecute Johnson’s initial decision, 26-year-old Dunedin plumber Rory Nairn’s death on November seventeen, 2021, at his house stemmed from the jab however received 12 days earlier.

“ Given the public interest in whether Rory’s death was associated with the Covid-19 vaccination he or she received on 5 November 2021, I consider it important to make public my findings as to the cause of Rory’s dying as soon as I established this, ” Johnson said in a decision made public Tuesday following a 3-day inquest into Nairn’s death last month.

“ I am satisfied from the written evidence I have received, and the oral evidence heard at inquest which i have sufficient evidence to now establish the following: The. Where Rory died; N. When Rory died; Chemical. The cause of Rory’s death, ” Johnson stated.

1 News reports Johnson was able to make the determination after hearing from pathologist Dr . Noelyn Hung, who noticed Nairn experienced suffered myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining of the heart) upon inspection.

Hung also described Nairn’s heart as “ soft and pale” during her examination, adding the particular determination of death simply by myocarditis was reached via a “ diagnosis by exclusion” process, eliminating other feasible factors which may have triggered heart muscle or pericardium inflammation.

“ Johnson accepted Hung’s medical opinion that the direct cause of Nairn’s death was severe myocarditis – consistent with vaccine-related myocarditis, ” 1 News reports.

According to details divulged at the inquest, Rory had reportedly just purchased a home with his fiancé when he decided to obtain the vaccine.

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“ The query heard [fiancé Ashleigh] Wilson and Mr Nairn had been out for breakfast to celebrate buying their dream home when he made an impromptu decision to have the jab, ” reports Dunedin newspaper the Otago Daily Times .

“ In a family dinner later that night he commented his chest felt ‘ weird’ and made further disclosures about heart flutters over the following days. ”

“ On the nights his death, Mr Nairn’s discomfort became more severe and just minutes after agreeing to visit hospital he collapsed within the bathroom, ” the Daily Times reports.

The man’s fiancé explained, “ I then heard a loud heaving like noise and thought that Rory has been vomiting. I ran to the bathroom and I was unable to open the door. ”

Rory’s fiancé Ashleigh spoke with CounterSpin New Zealand about their death due to the Covid shot earlier this year:

“ We heard Rory’s body drop to the ground. I was shouting his name but he has been unresponsive, so I called 111, ” she stated, adding she was unable to open the door, but “ could see Rory. ”

“ Through the break of the door I could notice he was dead, ” she said.

Emergency responders’ efforts to resuscitate the man were lost.

Members of the inquest also learned Nairn was not warned of myocarditis as a potential risk when he received the jab, with pharmacists claiming they weren’t aware there were any fatal consequences.

The New Zealand government has officially attributed several deaths to the Covid-19 vaccine this season.

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