October 3, 2022

Nuclear war is possible – US commander

For the first time since the Cold Battle, conflict with a nuclear-armed expert is “no longer theoretical, ” Admiral Charles Rich said

Navy Admiral Charles Richard, commander of US Strategic Command, declared on Wednesday that for the first time since the end of the Cold War, the US faces the possibility of nuclear war with a peer-level challenger.

Talking at an Air Force-organized meeting in Maryland, Richard stated that the US would have to prepare to escalate quickly towards possible opponents, and to secure its homeland.

“ All of us on this room are back in the company of contemplating… direct equipped conflict with a nuclear-capable expert, ”   he said, according to a Pentagon summary of his feedback.   “ We have not had to do that within over 30 years. ”

This is no longer theoretical.

“ Russia and China and taiwan can escalate to any amount of violence that they choose in any domain with any instrument of power worldwide, ”   he ongoing.   “ All of us just haven’t faced competition and opponents like that in the long time. ”

In the eyes associated with Moscow, the US is currently locked in a proxy conflict along with Russia in Ukraine, and has steadily escalated its commitment of weapons, intelligence and financial assistance to Kiev considering that Russian troops entered Ukraine in February.   Read more  Medvedev labels retired US general ‘ an idiot’

Russia’s current nuclear doctrine allows for the use of nuclear weapons in the event of a first nuclear strike on its place or infrastructure, or if the existence of the Russian condition is threatened by either nuclear or conventional weapons. American doctrine allows for the nuclear first strike in  “ extreme circumstances to defend the vital passions of the United States or its allies and partners. ”

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin reiterated this position on Wednesday, declaring which the Kremlin would  “ without a doubt use all offered means to protect Russia and our people, ”   should Russian place be threatened. Russian International Minister Sergey Lavrov furthermore warned that the US was  “ teetering over the brink”   to become a direct party in the Ukraine conflict, with Washington risking  “ a direct crash between nuclear powers. ”  

Similar warnings have come from within the US too, most notably from former President Donald Trump, who  declared   on Wednesday the fact that conflict, which he said  “ should have in no way happened, ”   could  “ turn out to be World War III. ”

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