October 3, 2022

PayPal shuts account of group who fought to keep universities open during pandemic

Another casualty of the recent PayPal purge.

UsForThem, a UK parents’ group that campaigned to keep schools open during the outbreak, has been banned from PayPal because of “ the nature of its activities. ” The group states that after the ban, it is unable to access thousands of pounds in donations.

“ We were completely taken aback to learn that will PayPal was discontinuing the services ‘ due to the nature of [our] activities’. No prior caution or meaningful explanation was handed, and despite them stating we could withdraw our leftover balance, we cannot, ” said the group’s co-founder Molly Kingsley to  The Telegraph.

“ UsForThem has only have you been fully transparent about the company aims, and our mission statement is on a prominent page of our website for those to read. That makes clear which our core focus is advertising for children to be prioritized in public decision-making.

“ If something about that mission offends PayPal, precisely why could they not be transparent about that? For a small offer organization, this has a significant impact on our ability to operate, as presumably was intended.

“ It is extremely difficult not to draw the conclusion that this is a politically motivated cancellation of an organization that in some way offends PayPal. ”

Toby Young, Free Speech Union’s founder, furthermore claimed PayPal banned their account for political motives. The  Free Speech Union’s account was also banned , as well as the account of the non-profit  Gays Against Groomers.

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