December 6, 2022

Surprise Video: Child Strokes Drag Queen’s Groin During Attention grabbing Dance Performance

“The fact they WANT to spread their legs for children should make very clear in order to everyone that something is INCORRECT with this — where’s law enforcement? “

Disturbing video out of Tennessee displays a child stroking the groin area of a drag queen performer as other children watch provocative dance routines.

The footage reportedly taken in the Chattanooga Pride Youth Trip to Wanderlinger Brewing Co. over the weekend shows a child curiously patting the fabric near the crotch of a smiling drag california king dressed as a mermaid because the song “ Part of That World” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid plays in the history.

The shocking video footage was taken by director and activist Robby Starbuck upon Saturday, who noted that this drag queen should have ended the child from touching his private areas.

“ It’s NOT hard to not spread your legs to children. It’s NOT hard to redirect a kid far from that area if they get near your crotch. We have to stop this madness! ” Starbuck tweeted.

“ The fact they WANT to spread their legs for kids ought to make very clear to everyone that something is WRONG with this particular, ” he continued. “ Where’s law enforcement? We won’t allow this continue. Within Tennessee there will be no safe space to be inappropriate such as this with kids. We WILL quit this! ”

This comes as the social debate over “ child-friendly” drag queen grooming events shows no signs of letting up.

In the meantime, dueling protests between Antifa and right-wing groups engulfed at an “ all-ages pull queen bingo night” hosted by the First Christian Cathedral in Katy, Texas on Saturday.

“ This is a special day for us, for our Transparent Closet, which is for all people, teens, and adults exploring and transitioning. All of that attention via that has helped people find us, ” Rev. Heather Patriacca Tolleson told KPRC 2 .

A supporter of the event also claimed protesting the child-friendly drag event is “ nonsense” because they’re simply wearing a “ costume” akin to a “ superhero. ”

“ Which is nonsense, because drag by itself is just a costume, ” the supporter said. “ It’s no different than someone dressed up like a superhero at a amusing convention or someone who puts on a Halloween costume. ”

Critics of the tidying event pointed out that sexually-charged performances and outfits have no place around children.

“ No adult entertainers for children, ” stated one person protesting the event. “ It’s inappropriate for kids. ”

Urban Conservatives of America creator Jonathan McCullough summed up his group’s rationale for showing up to protest.

“ We are out here to push back upon things that society knows is definitely wrong. They are having an event, welcoming children to pull queen bingo hour. This really is unacceptable, ” he stated.

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