November 26, 2022

Putin Gives Edward Snowden Ruskies Citizenship: State Media

Russian citizenship for CIA whistleblower is definitely an absolutely huge development along with a consequential thumb in the vision to Washington at a instant the two sides are inching closer to direct war in Ukraine.

Within months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several in the US media began to question, “ Where is Edward cullen Snowden? Whistleblower Silent Given that Russia Invaded Ukraine” – as one April  Newsweek   headline read. The Ukraine offensive had clearly put the NSA whistleblower in a deeply awkward position, and thus this individual went relatively silent on Twitter. The Russian federal government had provided him asylum since he fled generally there from Hong Kong in 06 of 2013 – when he was a “ wanted” guy for exposing illegal bulk domestic spying by the NSA and US intelligence.  

Upon Monday, Russian state press is out with an explosive topic and new development regarding Snowden’s fate: “ Putin signs decree granting Snowden Russian citizenship, ”   according   to state-run RIA Novosti. TASS too is reporting that  Putin provides given Edward Snowden Ruskies citizenship .

Per the official Russian presidential decree…

“ In accordance with paragraph ‘ a’ of Article fifth there’s 89 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, I decide: to accept the following persons in the citizenship of the Russian Federation: Edward Joseph Snowden, born June 21, 1983, in the United States of America. ”

This is absolutely huge development and  big and hugely consequential Kremlin thumb in the eye in order to Washington   in a moment the two sides are inching closer to direct conflict and war in Ukraine.


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