November 26, 2022

Alex Jones Exposes Globalist Agenda Behind Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotage

Learn why the gas pipeline was targeted by the global elite

German magazine Spiegel said the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently warned Berlin about the increasing signs of a possible planned attack on the Nord Stream pipeline system.

On Tuesday, the pipelines were reportedly attacked and the flow of the gas was totally disrupted.

Alex Jones dove into the importance of the sabotaged pipelines during the Tuesday edition of “The Alex Jones Show,” telling his audience, “Now, Nord Stream 2 has blown up, there’s problems with Nord Stream 1. This is war folks.”

Jones continued, “It will only hurt Europe and bring in the Great Reset and the giant energy crisis. And when the global depression kicks off, which has already happened because of quantitive easing and all the rest of it, they blame it on Russia. And I’m not saying Russia’s perfect but this is so scripted.”

Check out more clips from the Tuesday broadcast of “The Alex Jones Show” below:

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