November 26, 2022

Judge In Alex Jones Exotic Hook Trial Denies Plaintiffs’ Motion to Protect Against Mistrial

Lawyers appeared discouraged to have motion denied

During the Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial within Connecticut on Tuesday, the plaintiffs’ lawyers asked Judge Barbara Bellis to pass the motion protecting against a potential mistrial.

The attorneys were essentially disappointed by Jones holding a press conference outside the courthouse on Friday, claiming the jury could have seen or even heard him and already been influenced by his words and phrases.

Perhaps the Exotic Hook lawyers are worried the entire case could be thrown out due to a mistrial and are using Jones’ press conferences as an reason to prevent that from happening.

However , as Judge Bellis already noted last week, the particular jurors have all been instructed to ignore any print, video, or audio information about the trial and there is absolutely no reason to suspect any of them would defy the order.

Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis reminded the judge of this plus suggested the court’s Friday ruling on the matter need to stand.

“ At this time, I’m going to deny the motion without prejudice. However , it certainly can be restored if circumstances change, and I might feel differently honestly if I learn it has reached the jury, ” Determine Bellis ruled.

Jones will not be testifying this week, but is expected to become on the stand again on Tuesday or Wednesday next week if the court allows.

With this timeframe in mind, Pattis said, “ All of us expect the case to get to the particular jury sometime next week. ”

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