November 26, 2022

View: MSNBC Struggles to Understand Precisely why Latinos Abandoning Democrat Party

South Texas Hispanic Republican voters explain Democrats ignoring and undermining primary values of God, As well as Country.

Latinos in Southern Texas are fed up with being taken advantage of by the Democrat celebration, they recently told the stunned MSNBC reporter.

Trying to get a handle of a very stressing predicament for Democrats entering the midterms, MSNBC sent reporter Paola Ramos to Texas’ 34th congressional region, where Mexican-born Republican Mayra Flores earned a special election last June and flipped the historically blue district.

“ Why are all of us seeing a Republican having so much momentum? ” Ramos asked a roomful associated with GOP Hispanics in the area.

One man responded, “ We were currently conservative. We were already with conservative values, it’s exactly that nobody noticed. They had taken us for granted. ”

“ The Democratic party left me, I didn’t leave the particular party, ” he added.

“ We are not to be taken advantage of, ” another Latino voter stated. “ We are not to be assumed that because jooxie is Hispanic we’re naturally going to vote Democratic. ”

Another woman identified high taxes as a reason she left the party.

“ Our fees are at an all-time high, in a place where the median income is $35, 1000 a year, which is ridiculous, ” she said.

Asked what they see within the Trump-supporting Rep. Flores, the Rio Grande Valley occupants said they appreciated somebody whose values they determine with pushing back and standing for them.

“ She is that Latina, or Hispanic woman that is stating enough is enough, that our beliefs matter, ” one female replied.

An additional man echoed those statements, saying, “ Here in the particular Valley we are for Lord, for family, for hard work. The girl does not only verbalize those techniques, but she actually life those things – and let the potato chips fall where they may. ”

In a followup interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, Ramos incredibly called the Latinos she interviewed “ cruel” – evidently for valuing national sovereignty – and “ hypocritical” for taking issue with communism, and denying entry to the ALL OF US from illegal immigrants running communism.

That attributed the GOP Latinos’ “ hypocrisy” to the “ root trend of assimilation, ” Ramos claimed the move would backfire for Conservatives with Latino moderates, clearly oblivious to the fiscal and criminal impacts illegal migration has on RGV residents.

“ God, country… what was the other one? ” Wagner questioned, bizarrely disregarding the actual Latino interviewees identified as their particular core values.

Ramos and Wagner went on to criticize the fact Flores’ message was aided by evangelical churches, which Ramos alleged was not on par with Black churches spreading the liberal message associated with social justice to their congregations.

“ Her campaign started in her cathedral, in her evangelical chapel. [Flores’] pastor mobilized the congregation, he or she mobilized other pastors, he or she mobilized evangelical Latinos in the region, and not only did it work in the Rio Grande Area, but they want to nationalize that model, ” Ramos described.

“ Now there’s a question, ” the lady continued. “ Is it fair to compare these Latino evangelical models to Black chapels? Are you having the same conversations about social justice plus racial equality, or could they be becoming these hubs of political indoctrination? ”

The leftist reporters’ condescension in the follow-up job interview was palpable, and it makes sense Democrats will continue to eliminate support among Hispanics so long as they keep talking down to them, misrepresenting their arguments and undermining their practical concerns.

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