November 26, 2022

Americans Must Flee Russia Instantly or Face Conscription, Charge Warns

“Conditions, including transportation options, may suddenly become even more limited. “

The American Embassy in Moscow issued an unusual warning on Tuesday,   urging all Us residents still in the country to run away immediately  in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization decree from last week.

The urgent message is essentially  move out while you still can  as the war in Ukraine ratchets up further, even progressively accompanied by nuclear rhetoric.

The embassy’s concern is that Moscow might not know that dual citizens should be exempt from military service.   “ Russia may refuse to acknowledge dual nationals’ U. S. citizenship, deny their access to U. S. consular assistance, prevent their reduction from Russia, and  conscript dual nationals for army service, ” the charge statement warned.

This also as there are common reports of traffic jams at key land edge crossings; for example at the Georgian border there is an  over 10-mile long  line of cars   awaiting exit, though pads on the Russian side are said to be making the process difficult.

Airline tickets to go abroad have also been harder in the future by, also as costs soar, and it remains that will European airspace remains closed to all Russian carriers, even though European airliners can still travel direct from Russia to Europe.

“ Those residing or vacationing in Russia should depart Russia immediately while restricted commercial travel options stay, ” the embassy statement added. Additionally , as  Fox reports :

The embassy warned all Americans within Russia that the State Department has a limited ability to help, particularly as tensions in between Moscow and Washington continue to keep escalate to levels not really seen since the Cold War, and said,   “ conditions, including transportation options, may suddenly become a lot more limited. ”

Since the invasion of Ukraine kicked off approximately seven months ago, their state Department has urged People in america to avoid traveling to or experiencing Russia, given the unpredictability of the conflict.

Russia has further recently  introduced elements of martial legislation in its criminal code, resulting in stiff penalties for any Ruskies who refused to combat in Ukraine.

Interestingly, US officials possess even speculated that ex-NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden could possibly face conscription in the Russian military – after he was days ago granted citizenship by a decree signed by President Putin.

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