November 26, 2022

NATO Pushes for Military Business Bonanza

“Enhancing NATO inventories will ensure we can maintain supporting Ukraine. “

The heads of NATO weapons industrial sectors were summoned to Brussels on Tuesday by Admin General Jens Stoltenberg to talk about ways to replenish stockpiles associated with weapons and ammunition the US-led bloc has delivered to Ukraine.

Stoltenberg urged the military-industrial complex to speed up production amid reports the particular West was running brief on key supplies.

The meeting of the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) focused on the bloc’s  “ capabilities plus munitions stockpiles”   because of the conflict in Ukraine, according to  NATO .  

“ Enhancing NATO inventories will ensure we can keep supporting Ukraine, ”   Stoltenberg said.   “ We need to keep working together since NATO Allies and with business to replenish our munitions stocks and provide Ukraine with all the support it needs, for as long as Ukraine needs it. ”

NATO has sent massive amounts of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and other equipment to Kiev since February, with most of the supplies coming from the ALL OF US. By the Pentagon’s own admission, the US has sent more than $14. 5 billion really worth of  “ security assistance”   to Ukraine since the escalation of hostilities, on top of over $17. 2 billion dollars since the US-backed coup in 2014.

The united states is currently preparing another weaponry package for Kiev, valued at $1. 1 billion, Reuters reported on Wednesday citing anonymous US officials.

All of these deliveries have put a drop into the US weapons plus ammunition stockpile, however. Earlier this month, the Pentagon announced a $311 mil contract for some 1, 800 Javelin anti-tank missiles. Another $624 million was allocated in May for replenishing the particular stock of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

Stockpiles of 155mm artillery ammo were  “ uncomfortably reduced, ”   the Wall structure Street Journal  documented   at the end of Aug. Delivering the orders currently takes anywhere from 13 to eighteen months, the Journal documented. Meanwhile, the  Telegraph   reported the British military industry can take up to two years in order to restart production on older weapons, while designing plus delivering a new missile may take as long as ten.

The US think-tank Center with regard to Strategic and International Research (CSIS) has  stated   that the United states military is  “ not really structured to fight or even support an extended conflict, ”   while the defense defense industry is  “ size for peacetime production rates”   and expanding abilities would take years.

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