January 31, 2023

Video: Sandy Hook Lawyer Confesses Lawsuit Against Alex Jones Meant to Silence Him Permanently

“The money is not really however, question for me. The question is, can this suit be successful at stopping him from getting on the national stage? ” he asks.

A Texas lawyer in the Sandy Hook defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones admitted that the real goal of the trial is not to find compensation for damages, but to silence him and shut down Infowars forever.

Attorney Tag Bankston argued that Alex Jones, in addition to paying compensatory damages to the families within the Connecticut case, should “ no longer be in public life” due to the trial.

“ People have been like, ‘ you’re out to eliminate Alex Jones. ‘ I actually don’t want to destroy your pet, I don’t care, ” Bankston told Channel 5. “ If he wants to work at Safeway or take care of a Sprint store, I don’t care. I feel the necessary justice is, you should not be able to commercially market yourself like a public figure anymore. ”

“ You should exit the American stage. That’s what I think is the correct result. That’s what I believe is the most utilitarian, good outcome. ”

Bankston went on to say that shutting down Jones’ Infowars operation was even more important than “ the money. ”

“ But the money is not really even the question for me personally. The question is, will this fit be successful at stopping him from being on the nationwide stage? ” he asked. “ And my be concerned is, like we mentioned in the courthouse, it won’t since the cameras will still follow him. Like, he can get rid of all of his money, he gets out there again around the bullhorn, and he starts creating it right back up. ”

“ Therefore the question is, can this cause of action against Alex Jones, on behalf of these mother and father, come to represent something larger? Is it a bigger referendum at the false things he’s saying? I hope so , man, ” he added.

Bankston previously stated that will his goal was in order to “ divide up the corpse of Infowars” for pushing “ conspiracy theories. ”

“ There is certainly going to be a large group of plaintiffs dividing up the cadaver of Infowars… That could obtain very, very dangerous just for Mr. Jones, because there is likely to be a new level of financial scrutiny, ” he informed reporters last month.

Bankston’s remarks reflection those made by his friend in the Texas trial from last month, where he informed the jury to “ take” Alex Jones “ out” of public discourse.

“ Consider him out of this discourse of this misinformation, of this peddling associated with lies and make sure this individual can’t do it again, ” said attorney Wesley Ball.

“ I ask that together with your verdict you not only take Alex Jones’ platform away, you make certain he will not really rebuild the platform, ” he added. “ That is abuse. That is deterrence. ”

Lawyer Chris Mattei in his opening remarks from the Connecticut case echoed Bankston’s comments earlier this month, arguing that “ proper rights in this case” is to “ stop” Alex Jones through offering his opinions about future events.

The Exotic Hook trial resumes next week, where Jones is expected to once again take the stand.

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