January 31, 2023

Can’t catch me out! Trump catches hat and pen as he leaves Michigan rally

Donald Trump  showed a rare bit of finesse and dexterity at a move in  Michigan, caching the pen and a MAGA head wear on the fly to offer an autograph to one of his many fans. Trump, 76, heading off the stage to the Sam & Dave classic ‘ Hold On, I’ m Coming, ’ was tossed both pen and hat […]#@@#@!!

Donald Trump  demonstrated a rare bit of finesse plus dexterity at a rally in  Michigan, caching a pen and a MAGA hat instantly to offer an autograph to one of his many enthusiasts.

Trump, 76, heading off the phase to the Sam & Sawzag classic ‘ Hold On, Now i’m Coming, ‘ was tossed both the pen and head wear from a female fan putting on teal in the crowd.  

The 45th president caught both before waving at the fan and then autographing one of his famous ‘ Make America Great Again’ caps.

The former commander in chief then tossed back both pen and hat to the fan, who failed to capture them herself.  

Trump then made his way off the phase after speaking for an hour at the Macomb County Local community College Sports and Expo Center in Warren.  

The fast sequence was in contrast to his 2020 opponent Leader Joe Biden, who appeared to get lost while walking off stage following his comments at the Global Fund Conference in a week filled with gaffes – including calling out for a Republican Congresswoman who would died a month earlier.  

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