November 26, 2022

Americans Suffer from Natural and Government-Created Disasters

Federally maintained disaster relief is neither efficient nor compassionate.

Last week Our elected representatives passed a continuing resolution after which adjourned until after the election. When Congress reconvenes, it is going to almost certainly pass a multi-billion dollars aid package for all those impacted by Hurricane Ian. This spending will likely be labeled “ emergency, ” so Congress members will not even have in order to pretend they are offsetting the newest spending with cuts consist of, lower priority programs.

The failing of Congress to counteract spending on disaster relief with cuts in other programs any reason why I always voted against disaster aid when I is at Congress, even when the investing was for disasters that occurred in my district. Naturally , I also opposed these bills because disaster relief will be unconstitutional and immoral as are all other income redistribution programs.

When I identified against disaster relief, the office would receive angry calls from constituents. Nevertheless , within several months many of those constituents would call back to declare after dealing with the Government Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) they realized that disaster sufferers would be better off without federal “ help. ”

Federally managed catastrophe relief is neither effective nor compassionate. My workplace often heard from frustrated individuals whose plans to rebuild were put on keep because of delays in getting federal assistance.

My staff and I noticed many horror stories of FEMA mistreating disaster victims. For example , FEMA was meant to put a tarp on a house whose roof was destroyed in Hurricane Ike, but it put the tarp within the house next door, even though that house’s roof was great. When the owner of the house that needed a tarp known as FEMA, he was informed it would be several weeks before FEMA could send someone in order to correct FEMA’s mistake. The homeowner told FEMA which he would move the tarp himself with assistance associated with his neighbors. FEMA informed him that anyone who touched the tarp without FEMA’s approval would be fined and maybe thrown in jail.

In the days following a hurricane, my staff and I furthermore heard complaints from individuals about how government officials had been preventing them from getting into their own property. Of course , these restrictions were all stated to be “ for the individuals own good. ”

FEMA’s failures would be the inevitable result of placing authority over disaster relief in the large, centralized bureaucracy. Therefore , the problem cannot be fixed by changing personnel or updating or streamlining FEMA’s treatments. Instead, FEMA should be removed, and responsibility for disaster relief should be returned in order to individuals, local communities, plus civic and charitable organizations. People should be able to deduct from their taxes 100 percent of the costs of recovering from a natural disaster. Companies affected by a natural disaster also needs to be provided generous tax relief. Tax-free savings accounts could help Americans accumulate funds for use in the event of a organic disaster.

In 1900, a major hurricane emaciated Galveston, Texas. Despite the fact that FEMA or other federal tragedy relief programs did not then exist, the people of Galveston managed to rebuild their town. This proves that there is simply no justification for federal involvement in disaster recovery. The us government should return responsibility regarding disaster relief to the people by shutting down FEMA. Congress should also ensure individuals have the resources to take care of on their own by ending the welfare-warfare state, repealing the 16th Amendment and the associated tax, and auditing then closing the Federal Reserve.

This article first appeared at RonPaulInstitute. org .

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