November 26, 2022

‘Nobody F**ks With A Biden, ’ Joe Tells Florida Voter On Hot Mic

Wannabe mob boss continues tough man act

“ That’s goddamn right, ” the man said in response to Joe’s comment.

While there is little context regarding the remark, it is not new for Later on to act as if he were a macho man.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson noted Biden sounded like a Mafia member.

Biden likely sees himself as some sort of Mafia-linked badass because of his family’s history with all the Italian Mob.

On more than one occasion, May well has said he “ married Dominique Gioccappa’s daughter, ” in reference to Jill Biden.

It appears as if Jill’s grandpa changed his name upon illegally entering america from Sicily, Italy in order to not cause suspicion as being a of the Giacoppas were involved in the Mafia back in the old country.

Jill’s mob links could even be tied to the particular tragic death of Joe’s first wife who died in a car wreck among Jill and Joe participating in an affair.

In August, The New Yorker ran a massive item titled, “ The Untold History of the Biden Family, ” that will revealed more mob cable connections.

According to the article, Joe Biden’s father was not the working class “ Joe, ” no pun intended, that the media offers portrayed.

In fact , the paper reported Later on Biden Sr. ‘s near business partner Arthur Briscoe was “ mobbed up, ” which may be why Later on grew up living in a estate during his younger days.

Frank Sheeran, known as “ The Irishman” from the eponymous film, was obviously a labor union boss plus enforcer for Jimmy Hoffa who allegedly helped obtain Joe Biden elected throughout his first run designed for Senate in the 70s.

According to the book, I Noticed You Paint Houses , the Mafia-connected Sheeran helped Biden obtain elected because he was more pro-union than his GOP competitor at the time.

When a local newspaper had been set to publish negative press about Biden, Sheeran had his union boys form a picket line therefore the paper wouldn’t be delivered and even went as far as setting off a bomb in a train car that had materials that was going to be used in the printing of the newspaper.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a person who knows a great deal about the Italian Mafia, has previously compared the shady business deals from the Bidens to mob crime syndicates.

“ I started the RICO prosecutions. I’m not talking from lack of knowledge. I prosecuted, who knows, 200 Mafia members in the United States, about eight hundred in Italy. I prosecuted the top people on Wall Street, United States Congressmen, overturn New York City. I prosecuted the commissioners in New York City prior to I was the mayor of New York City, so I’m not talking off the best of my hat, ” Giuliani informed the KDKA Radio Morning Show in 2020.

“ It is a 30 year long lawbreaker enterprise in which Biden uses his relatives to shake people down for money. They will hold the money and then they pay for Joe’s expenses and so they give him extra money, ” he or she added.

Giuliani explained this was how Later on could “ afford these types of very, very elaborate mansion-type houses on the limited income of a senator and teacher. No one’s ever known that. Well, now we all know the answer to it. ”

Sleepy Joe has been connected to America’s criminal underbelly since birth and even in the ripe old age of 79, he can’t stop themself from coming off being a faux wise guy.

Then again, perhaps Biden was just channeling his inner Jesus Quintana from “ The Big Lebowski. ”

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