November 26, 2022

Environment Protesters Glue Hands In order to Porsche Showroom — Make a complaint After Realizing They Have No Way to Use Restroom

Things quickly obtained out of hand as climate researchers evidently did not come prepared to answer nature’s call.

Several German scientists glued by themselves to the floor of a Porsche luxury car showroom in order to protest carbon Wednesday, with all the stunt going horribly wrong when they realized they had no way to use the restroom.

In a video posted to Twitter, social psychology researcher Gianluca Grimalda says the stunt taking place by his group Scientist Rebellion is intended to emphasize Porsche owner Volkswagen’s negative contribution to the “ weather emergency. ”

“ I’m here in the particular Porsche Pavilion in the Autostadt of Wolfsburg to denounce the responsibility of Volkswagen in the climate emergency, ” Grimalda explains beside an empty tube of super glue.

“ Volkswagen may be the largest car manufacturer within Europe and the second biggest in the world, and the transport field, the car sector has a large responsibility in the climate crisis. There are 12 percent of CO2 emissions that come from your car sector. ”

Things quickly got out of hand as the scientists evidently did not come prepared to answer nature’s call, and a good update from Grimalda claimed Volkswagen did not fulfill the request by the scientists to provide them with a bedpan.

“. @VW informed us that they supported our own right to protest, but they refused our request to provide all of us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are adhered, and have turned off the heating system. People in support cannot get out of the building, ” Grimalda tweeted.

These people wanted the heat on — during a climate protest… let that sink in.

The climate-protesting scientists were mercilessly mocked on social media for not having the least bit of foresight to predict the toilet situation.

One enthusiastic user pointed out the irony of using petroleum-derived glue to protest petroleum.

To summarize, a group of climate alarmists need you to believe their forecasts of a climate catastrophe for the earth by 2030 – despite them being not able to predict their own predictable natural needs within the next few hrs.

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