December 6, 2022

Flashback: Video Shows Children Perishing After Taking Dengue Shot

Now the CDC demands kids take Covid shots to enroll in public schools

A video showing kids dying from the dengue vaccine rollout in the Philippines several years ago highlights the public rebellion against mandatory Covid-19 vaccincations.

The clip was taken from a 2021 Al Jazeera documentary featuring why the public distrusted the particular Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

“ When the Philippines rolled out a vaccine to protect against the mosquito-borne pathogen, dengue, in 2016, this marked a world first, but within months, parents claimed their children had died because of the vaccine, and the programme had been cancelled, ” Al Jazeera stated in its report. “ The damage was done. Because fierce opposition to vaccines spread throughout the country, avoidable diseases like polio and diphtheria re-emerged, while the deadly measles epidemic slain hundreds of young people. ”

“ Now the particular Philippines is trying to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations, but its federal government is facing an up hill battle to convince people that it’s safe. ”

Several officials experienced criminal charges over the dengue vaccine rollout after the massive public backlash in the Southeast Asian country.

Given what happened in the Philippines – and the fact that school-age children have low risk of severe illness through Covid-19 – it’s not amazing why there’s growing general public backlash against the US CDC adding Covid vaccines to its immunization schedule regarding children, which will ultimately shield vaccine makers from responsibility lawsuits.

“ If this happens, your children will not be able to attend [public] school without taking the Covid shot, ” Tucker Carlson said. “ The issue is that there’s no medical schedule for this decision whatsoever. ”

“ However, CEO of Moderna simply admitted that most people do not need the booster. ”

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