Movie: Biden Energy Advisor Confesses That The Regime Wants To Restrict Oil Production “To Accelerate The Transition”

While asking oil companies to increase production right now and tapping more reserves to bring gas prices lower before mid term elections

Biden administration energy advisor Amos Hochstein  admitted Wednesday that while the regime wants to enhance oil production in the short term, the overall aim is to restrict it in order to “ accelerate the transition”.

Appearing on CNN, Hochstein proclaimed “ I believe we have been clear that we want to see the U. S. business increase oil production. ”

Then in the same breath, Hochstein mentioned that the main goal is to restrict production of fossil gasoline derived energy now in order to “ make sure that we’re in a better footing to accelerate the transition. ”

“ So , we need to make that differentiation to make certain that the American consumer provides what it needs… to grow our economy and the global economic climate, but not take steps and risk the climate work that we’re trying to do, ” Hochstein further declared.

He continued, “[I]t is about making a choice between what is the short-term and the medium-term so that we are able to make sure we have enough gas and oil to support us through the transition, and what are the kind of techniques that we don’t want the particular oil and gas industry to take that could have long-term consequences when we don’t want new main projects that would take 20, 30 years to become profitable. ”


The comments came in the particular wake of Biden announcing another release of 15 million barrels  of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Hold ahead of the 2022 midterms so that they can reduce gas prices.

During the CNN interview, Hochstein furthermore claimed that the administration expects to buy oil at $70/barrel next year, when prices fall, to refill the SPR:

The U. S. SPR is at its lowest degree for 4 decades, and has tanked since Biden took office:

Biden himself repetitive the claim that he will buy back oil at a lower price and save money, while critics pointed out that Democrats blocked Chief executive Trump from filling the reserves when oil was just $24/barrel two years ago:

The White House Press Secretary had no answers when asked about that:

Jean-Pierre also failed to clarify why more oil is required from the SPR if gasoline prices are going down, since the Biden regime has claimed:

Fox News reporter Philip Doocy asked Jean-Pierre “ So , you’re asking oil companies to further lower gas prices. What makes you think they will listen to an administration that is ultimately trying to put them out of business? ”

Jean-Pierre knows full well that the particular agenda is the “ transition, ” and to put an “ end” to fossil fuel energy companies.

The administration is openly acknowledging that is the case while Jean-Pierre plays dumb:

While Biden claimed that oil companies are raking in record profits and that the price of gasoline is not being reflected at the pump, their official Twitter account delivered a chart showing the actual opposite:

While it is still up on typical $1. 50 from when he took office, Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain claimed the administration has “ tackled” gasoline prices:

The administration continues to state the economy is “ strong” whilst quietly preparing for an economic accident on par with 2008, according to The Nyc Times .

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