December 5, 2022

Pull Queen Blasts Woke Moms and dads Who Take Children To ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Shows

“I think it has something to do with using drag as a transition or as a gateway to trans kids, ” drag queen Kitty Modest says.

Parents shouldn’t be teaching children woke lessons if you take them to so-called “ family members friendly” drag shows that sexualize them, a drag princess or queen told Fox News.

Discussing the pervasiveness of drag displays targeting younger audiences, pull queen Kitty Demure informed Jesse Watters he would not perform in front of children, plus blamed woke parents for creating a demand for those types of performances.

“ They think these people being inclusive, they think they’re teaching them some type of valuable lesson and We’ve asked them what is the training to be learned to see a guy dressed up and wearing a hairpiece being sexual in front of your kids? ”

“ We used to arrest males like that, ” Demure additional.

The drag performer went on to theorize woke parents use pull shows as a gateway to indoctrinate children into trans ideologies.

“ So you’re right, ” Watters agreed. “ A person wouldn’t hire a professional ma?e – like a regular-looking ma?e to perform in front of your six-year-old. Why would they end up being hiring a man dressed being a woman stripper to perform in front of the six-year-old? ”

“ I think it has connected with using drag as a transition or as a gateway in order to trans kids, ” Demure responded, “ to make all of them think it’s fun, quite magical, fantastical. ”

“ And I just think Big Pharma corporations maybe pushing it. And truthfully, I just think it’s to produce more money for Big Pharma. ”

The drag performer’s admissions come in the wake of video footage showing Vanderbilt University doctors discussing how transgender surgeries were “ huge money makers ” for the hospital.

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