December 6, 2022

Spectacular Scenes From Biden’s Edge Catastrophe

Cartel gun battles, deadly wrecks, dangerous pursuits many caught on camera amid constant border chaos

Shocking movies and photos continue to come out from the U. S. south west border region as the on-going migrant invasion engineered with the Biden regime rages upon.

A lot more than 2 million illegal aliens were ‘ encountered’ by border authorities in Fiscal Year 2022, which ended on September 30.

However , the number of illegals who entered the country during that period was far increased, as around 600, 000 known ‘ gotaways’ were recorded and hundreds of thousands more likely slipped in undetected.

The flood associated with humanity has brought with it disaster and harrowing episodes for law enforcement, smugglers, and migrant workers alike.

On October 13, a human smuggler fleeing Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) troopers flipped a pickup truck into the Llano River in Edwards County.

“ Jorge Lopez, the 28-year-old Guatemalan citizen in the United States illegally, was killed in the scene. Four  illegal immigrants from Honduras   were rescued and taken to a hospital for unspecified injuries, ” Fox News reported this week.

An illegal alien from Mexico damaged a minivan full of migrants during a pursuit on Path 281 in the Rio Enorme Valley.

Passengers can be seen piling out of the vehicle and fleeing into the Tx brush.

Spectacular drone footage shows competitor gangs exchanging heavy artillery fire just over the boundary in Mexico.

“ Video recovered by TxDPS from a cartel drone shows a recent gun battle between the Gulf & Northeast cartels near Ciudad Miguel Aleman, MX, just throughout from Roma, TX in the RGV, ” Fox Information correspondent Bill Melugin reported this week.

“ Tracers from. fifty cal machine guns seen as they fight for control of essential smuggling corridor. ”

TxDPS troopers stopped a work truck close to Kingsville, TX, last week.

“ Once the automobile stopped, a group of illegal migrants bailed out & fled into the brush. Troopers apprehended 15 immigrants. The driver absconded into the brush, ” TxDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez explained following the bust.

The human smuggler rolled a huge pickup truck packed with more than a dozen illegal aliens while evading police in Brooks Region, TX.

“ 14 illegal immigrants from [Mexico] & [Guatemala] were inside the vehicle resulting in two killed & 12 hurt – driver fled, ” Lt. Olivarez reported on Sunday.

Chaos originates constantly along the  Texas-Mexico border , because Infowars  regularly reports .

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