December 6, 2022

Black Pastor Calls Out College Board Over Disturbing Groomer Curriculum: ‘God Going to Judge Every Last One of You’

‘The reality is this: Lord is going to judge every final one of you for choices that are made on behalf of kids. ‘

A black youth pastor in North Carolina held a Raleigh area college board’s feet to the open fire over its purported agenda to sexually groom college students with LGBTQ propaganda.

Speaking at a Wake County school panel meeting Tuesday, Pastor Sara Amanchukwu blasted the board’s approval of transgender initiatives, warning board members their own sins would be judged simply by God.

“ Luke 17: 2 says it’s better for the person to have a millstone tied around their neck and become thrown into the sea than for anyone to harm or damage a child, ” Amanchukwu began.

“ And so the question today to the school board is: just you know whether, or not your role, the policies, the curriculum and the things you enable in this school system within Wake County, only you understand whether or not a millstone can be tied around your throat. ”

“ The reality is this: God will judge every last among you for decisions which are made on behalf of children. ”

“ In 2009, we spent $1 million on a ‘ diversity office, ‘ and how did that advantage Black children? ” Amanchukwu asked. “ How achieved it benefit children in general? Well, 78% of children in 3rd-8th grade, Black students, are not proficient in math in Wake up County. ”

“ We’re wasting taxpayer dollars putting money towards this diversity office that’s not benefitting those who require it the most. ”

The man went on: “ As we talk about inclusion and making sure that the trans student feels comfortable and the queer student feels right at home, what does that have to do with reading, writing and arithmetic? ”

“ Once we are teaching cultural Marxism and grooming children to be the next pervert, we are damaging our kids in this public college system, and it needs to quit. ”

Keep in mind that take a man of Lord to figure out the schools ought to be focused on education rather than woke agendas, but it’s specifically important in the wake of the Covid pandemic that majorly disrupted learning for so many students.

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