December 10, 2022

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Demands NEW Trial in Effective Announcement

Legal scholars & professionals have never before in US history seen such a total travesty of justice! Attorney Norm Pattis calls the particular false claim that the Sandy Hook show trial was even a trial itself “a hoax! “

Radio web host Alex Jones is releasing a NEW trial to stop globalists from using the Sandy Hook show trial verdict, today known as the “ Alex Jones Precedent, ” to shut down conservative & populist voices!

“ This is a rape of the First Amendment, ” said Jones Friday in the exclusive statement to The Alex Jones Show . “ Our Declaration of Independence & our Bill of Rights are all under massive strike. ”  

“ We are filing for any new trial. This was not really a real trial, it was a massive fraud. ”

Constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis joined the exclusive statement to break down the legal surroundings he plans to traverse to earn Jones the just verdict while explaining exactly how the show test jury was misinformed and even had their emotions  used.

“ We remain optimistic, we stay in the fight, ” said Pattis. “ I’m extremely determined to see this one through to the end and to a successful result. ”

Please  help Alex by making a donation to his legal protection   to keep your pet in the fight! Don’t let the NWO use the “ Alex Jones Precedent” to shut down political resistance!

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