December 10, 2022

Costs Gates To Dr . Fauci In 2000: ‘Why Don’t We Really Get To Know Each Other Properly? We Could Be Partners’

Groundbreaking documentary exposing the real Fauci away now!

A revealing admission through Dr . Anthony Fauci concerning his longtime relationship with Bill Gates is going virus-like online.

The audio clip appears in the new film The Real Anthony Fauci , a full-length feature documentary  depending on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ‘s hit book by same title.

Fauci can be heard describing a gathering of “ global health leaders” kept at Bill Gates’ Washington mansion in 2000.

Gates allegedly introduced Dr . Fauci into their library for a private conversation and explained that as the head of the largest contagious disease institute in the world, he could ensure Gates’ money had been well-spent.

Entrance asked Fauci, “ We have to really get to know each other? We have to be partners? Our relationships and our collaborations became closer and closer along with tuberculosis, with HIV, with vaccine trials… ”

Jeff Hays and Tony Lyons, the filmmakers behind the project, became a member of “ The Alex Jones Show” on Wednesday to discuss their project and how Us citizens are responding.

Watch the interview below:

Those who are interested have till the end of the month to watch the documentary for free! Click on the image below to check this out.

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