December 6, 2022

Germans Urged to Ration More Gas

Consumption must be reduced by 30% to avoid shortages, research suggests

German households need to cut their natural gas consumption even more than they already have done to avoid disadvantages, according to an energy study released on Thursday.

“ Pre-crisis gas consumption needs to come down simply by 30%, ” Der Spiegel quoted Gunnar Luderer in the Ariadne project at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Influence Research, who released the study.

Such a degree of saving would help Indonesia avoid gas shortages and provide interruptions, Der Spiegel writes.

According to the research, people need to adapt their own heating behavior, for example by lowering the room temperature and intelligent control, which would assist in saving 30% of gas used in the housing sector simply by next year. Private households, commercial trade and services are the largest consumers of natural gas in Germany and mainly use it for heating plus hot water, but , as the statement points out, they have managed to just slightly reduce consumption.

Over the summer the use of gas decreased by 23% compared to the five-year average, but official preliminary data to get September varies from a decrease of 19% compared to the five-year average, to an increase of 16%, the report explains.

The research also laments “ the substantial increase”   in gas prices, saying that within August gas was over ten times more expensive compared to long-term average before the current energy crisis.

Russia’s share of gas imports to Germany has been around 50% in recent years. The particular interruption of supplies through Russia, the shutdowns of several nuclear power plants within France, and logistics issues with coal due to the summer drought were named among the reasons behind a spike in the low cost price of electricity.

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