November 26, 2022

VIDEO: Trans Volleyball Player Causes Severe Head and Neck Injuries In order to Girl

Clearer version of video shows trans player powerfully spike ball which seriously injured unsuspecting female opponent.

Clearer video has emerged of the second a North Carolina transgender high school volleyball player injured the biologically female opponent, leading to future matches against the team being canceled.  

Infowars offers exclusively obtained a more aesthetically intelligible copy of the Sept. 1 incident, excerpted from the highlight compilation reel, displaying the trans Highlands High volleyball player powerfully spike the ball which caused severe neck and head injuries to an unsuspecting women Hiwassee Dam High player.

Previously, as the story was reported, only grainy, fuzzy footage of the grisly occasion circulated in the media that appeared to be a cell phone documenting of the video being played on a tablet device.

“ The Hiwassee Dam player, a biological girl, suffered severe head and neck injuries, resulting in long-term concussion symptoms, including vision troubles, ” according to the Education First Alliance. “ The girl provides still  not yet been   eliminated to play again by her primary care physician or perhaps a neurologist. ”

The incident prompted the Cherokee County Board of Education to cancel every games against Highlands Higher “ due to safety concerns” with one coach informing the board he’d “ never seen a hit such as this before. ”

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