December 9, 2022

Biden Admin Reportedly Unaware of “National Security Review” of Musk Ventures

“It would be hysterical if the government stopped Elon from over paying for Twitter. “

Twitter can be paring some of its immediately declines on reports that  the  White House is not really aware of national security review for Musk Ventures (including Starlink and his deal to get Twitter).

Of course , The White Home is  not supposed to comment on (or in fact even understand about) what The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States  (CFIUS) does,   so this statement is not entirely surprising.

“ It does seem fanciful that the U. S. Government would certainly view Twitter as a nationwide security asset, ” Canaccord Genuity’s Quest analyst  Graham Simpson  said in an e-mail.

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Once we detailed overnight, one month ago we joked that should the particular Delaware judge force Musk to buy Twitter, then the one and only the US government would step in and prevent the South African through gaining control over the blue-checkmark echo chamber of record, the one social media network which usually congressional testimony after congressional testimony has argued it may manipulate the outcome of elections.

Well, that prediction is about to come true, because based on Bloomberg,   the Biden administration is discussing whether or not the US should subject a few of  Elon Musk’s ventures to national security testimonials, including the deal for  Tweets and  SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network,   citing individuals familiar with the matter.

In short, not only is the  deep state   government preparing to prevent Musk’s acquisition of TWTR upon national security grounds (unlcear what that would achieve because the stock would crater to single digits, especially after today’s SNAP earnings, and so many of its employees have previously quit), but it may “ expropriate” Musk’s satellite pet project too, all designed for daring to ask a question in regards to the US involvement in Ukraine, and what exactly the endgame there is.

As Bloomberg adds, “ US officials have grown uncomfortable over Musk’s recent threat to stop supplying the Starlink satellite service to Ukraine — he or she said it had cost him $80 million so far — and what they notice as his increasingly Russia-friendly stance following a series of tweets that outlined peace plans favorable to President  Vladimir Putin. They are also concerned by his plans to buy Tweets with a group of foreign investors. ”

The discussions are still in a early stage, the people acquainted said on condition of anonymity. Officials in the US authorities and intelligence community are weighing what tools, in case any, are available that would permit the federal government to review Musk’s ventures.

A single possible legal pathway can be through the law governing the  Committee on Foreign Purchase in the United States  to review Musk’s deals and procedures for national security dangers. The CFIUS was used extensively in the Trump admin to block and unnecessary numerous Chinese deals, quarrelling they could pose a nationwide threat to the US. Today, it’s none other than Musk who has emerged as the deep california’s biggest nemesis.

As a reminder, the interagency cell known as CFIUS reviews purchases of US businesses by international buyers. That said, it is not clear if a CFIUS review — which would involve assessments from the Departments of State, Protection, and Homeland Security, among others — would offer the authorities a legal way to conduct an overview.

But you can not be necessary: just like the notorious FISA courts, the CFIUS panel operates in total secrecy, behind closed doors, and rarely confirms when it is conducting reviews. CFIUS also holds the power to review deals that have already been consummated… such as Musk’s acquisition of twitter.

What apparently provoked the government into walking in, is that Musk has been reportedly chatting up the firestorm with persona non grata #1. Recall that ten times ago Vice reported that will “ Elon Musk Spoke to Putin Just before Tweeting Ukraine Peace Strategy “, which adopted Musk’s frequent, and higher abrasive to bluechecks and those with a ukraine flag in their profile, tweeted proposals to end Russia’s war and threats to cut financial support for Starlink internet in Ukraine. His tweets and public comments “ have discouraged officials in the US and Europe and drawn praise through America’s rivals” as Bloomberg put it.

Musk later backed down from his threat to prevent deploying Starlink and said he would continue to bear the expenses of the service. Starlink has become an essential tool for communications in Ukraine during the Russian invasion. Musk has been giving the service for free but has said SpaceX loses 20 dollars million a month providing it to Ukraine and he can not be responsible for that cost indefinitely.

To put it briefly, Musk created just enough “ pro-Putin” innuendo around themself – ostensibly even telling Ian Bremmer that he talked directly with Vladimir Putin (Musk naturally denied this after it was published)…

…   in order to provoke the US government to get involved on security grounds. In fact, you can’t have the world’s best public forum in the hands of a pro-Putin fanatic.

Which… may have been precisely what Musk wanted, as we said  ten days ago  when news of Musk’s Putin phone call first emerged, generally there is  “ No simpler way to kill the Twitter deal than have DOJ step in and prohibit it. ”

Indeed, when Delaware Chancery court is about to guideline that you must consummate your $44 billion acquisition of a company that will, as SNAP today demonstrated, is worth less than $10 billion, your best… no, your  only  bet is to force the government to step in and demand the offer falls apart. And how do you do that? Why demand the particular judge pushes back the court case by a couple weeks in which you blast away what to the Biden administrative seems to be unhinged pro-Putin propaganda.

Well, Elon old chap, golf clap to a beautifully executed program.

And while the planet’s richest man would never appear and confirm any this particular, he did the next best thing late on Thursday whenever in response to a fellow reader’s reaction to the Bloomberg post, that “ It would be hysterical if the government stopped Elon from over paying for Twitter”, Musk responded simply “ 💯 🤣 ” … Because the collapse of the deal would be  just what Musk wanted (and intended) from your very beginning.  

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