December 10, 2022

Coming To America? Canada Bans Hand gun Sales & Transfers On “National Freeze”

Globalist dictator disarming citizens ahead of monstrous unrest due to climate lockdowns and energy crisis

Canada’s tyrant Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proudly announced Comes to an end morning that citizens in the area will no longer be able to “ pay for, sell, or transfer handguns within Canada – and they cannot bring newly grabbed handguns into the country. ”

“ We’ve already banned more than first, 500 types of assault-style weapons, ” he added, bragging, “ And we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to keep markers out of our communities. ”

One Twitter visitor sadly pointed out the new norm will mean “ Only brigands and criminals can now shop for, sell and smuggle handguns into Canada, ” simply because they don’t follow orders like law-abiding gun owners.

In fact , Nova scotia already had extremely stern handgun laws such as signing up tied to the owner’s house, mandates on safely storage and locking handguns, in support of allowing citizens to practice shooting at RCMP-approved gun degrees.

History definitely shows disarmed populations usually soon fall victim in order to government abuses, and with a global recession, energy crisis and even potential World War on this horizon, the Canadian a lot more no way of defending by themselves from criminals or the talk about.

Klaus Schwab infamously warned the globe within 2020 to prepare for “ an angrier world” while his Great Reset almanach kicks off.

Probably the Young Global Leader Trudeau recognizes this and is ensuring his particular people cannot rise up once the veil is removed from their eyes.

Naive Americans are going to continue to claim such a gun grab could never be held here because “ our company has the Second Amendment, ” though the Democrats’ own words expose they would love to confiscate plus ban firearms to the point of which no citizen could protect themselves.

Moreover, neither the Democrats nor Republicans are really in charge any further as they simply follow instructions from the same globalists controlling the strings of the marionette generally known as Justin Trudeau.

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